Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire, often referred to as “Pukhraj,” is a gorgeous gemstone with a rich history and myriad metaphysical beliefs. In Vedic astrology, choosing the right time and Nakshatra (a lunar mansion) to wear this gemstone is essential. Let’s explore the auspicious Nakshatras in which you can wear Yellow Sapphire for maximum benefits while considering factors like the Price of Yellow Sapphire Stone and the authenticity of the Original Pukhraj stone.

The Significance of Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphire is linked to the benevolent planet Jupiter, associated with wisdom, knowledge, wealth, and spirituality. To harness the full potential of this gemstone, it is essential to choose an auspicious Nakshatra for wearing it. While contemplating the Yellow Sapphire price and ensuring the gem’s authenticity, here are the Nakshatras to consider:

1. Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra, also known as Pushyami or Pooyam, is one of the most auspicious Nakshatras for wearing Yellow Sapphire. It is associated with nourishment, growth, and expansion. This Nakshatra aligns harmoniously with the qualities of Jupiter, making it an ideal choice to wear the gemstone. People born under Pushya Nakshatra are believed to benefit the most from Yellow Sapphire, as it enhances their positive qualities and brings good fortune. While considering the Yellow Sapphire price in India, investing in this auspicious Nakshatra may bring significant rewards.

2. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is another favorable lunar mansion for wearing Yellow Sapphire. This Nakshatra is associated with spiritual and mystical aspects. People who wear Yellow Sapphire during Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra may find that it amplifies their spiritual growth and awareness. It aligns well with the gemstone’s ability to enhance wisdom and knowledge. While exploring the Yellow Sapphire stone price, investing in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra may offer a profound connection to the spiritual realm.

3. Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is known for its determination, strength, and the pursuit of goals. This Nakshatra is also considered suitable for wearing Yellow Sapphire. People born under Purva Ashadha Nakshatra may experience an enhancement of these qualities when they wear the gemstone. It can help them achieve their ambitions, and while considering the Yellow Sapphire stone price in India, investing in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra may provide a strong foundation for success.

4. Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra is considered neutral when it comes to wearing Yellow Sapphire. While it may not be as encouraging as the Nakshatras, as mentioned earlier, it is not considered inauspicious either. Moola Nakshatra is associated with roots and foundations, and wearing Yellow Sapphire during this Nakshatra may have a stabilizing effect. In cases where the Original Yellow Sapphire is a bit costlier, this Nakshatra can be a suitable choice.

Consulting an Astrologer

Determining the ideal Nakshatra for wearing Yellow Sapphire is a highly personalized matter. The alignment of the gemstone with your birth chart and the specific positions of planets, especially Jupiter, should be considered. Consulting a qualified astrologer is essential to receive accurate guidance on when and how to wear Yellow Sapphire for your unique circumstances. It’s also wise to consider the Certified Yellow Sapphire when investing in this gemstone.

Precautions and Care

Regardless of the Nakshatra, ensuring that the Yellow Sapphire you choose is of high quality and authenticity is important. Buying from reputable sources and getting a certified yellow sapphire is vital, especially when considering the Pukhraj stone price. Also, the gemstone’s proper care and cleansing should be observed to maintain its effectiveness.


In conclusion, wearing Yellow Sapphire in the right Nakshatra can significantly enhance its positive effects on your life. The choice of Nakshatra should be based on your birth chart, astrological guidance, and the Pukhraj stone price in India. Whether you opt for Pushya, Purva Bhadrapada, Purva Ashadha, or Moola Nakshatra, remember that Yellow Sapphire is a gem of wisdom and prosperity, and its influence can be profound when worn at the right time.