Boat hooks are an essential part of items that are always required on the boat at all times. Though it is not very costly, it is always advised to have a boat hook with you for your convenience. You need not worry about the surrounding debris or the marina when you have the modern boat hooks with you. Different types of modern boat hooks are available in the market, and modern boat hooks have a varied number of uses but are never removed from the boat unless it is being taken for repairs or exchange. This blog will explain the importance of having modern Boat Docking Hooks and the different types that professionals and newbies use.

Boat Docking Hooks

Many people don’t realize the importance of having modern boat hooks until it’s too late and there is no chance to buy one. People often imagine the uses of modern boat hooks are only restricted to mooring lines and snagging dock. But the uses and importance are beyond such actions. Modern boat hooks can also be used to place a loop over a piling, fend off at a dock, and even be useful in picking up a bag or two.

1 Different Types Of Boat Hooks

Numerous types of boat hooks are available in the market, and depending upon their uses. Boat owners buy different modern boat hooks. There are mainly three main types of boat hooks that are most frequently bought, and they are mentioned below: –

  1. 3- Sectional Modern Boat Hooks: – these boat hooks are usually simple and are most preferred. The poles are usually 4-6 feet long and, when opened, can extend up to 8-12 feet. Since it is a simple design, it has a soft vinyl at the end of the hook. This soft vinyl ensures that the hook does not leave a permanent scratch or a small dent on the boat. They float on water, and anodized aluminum is used to finish the hook. The only drawback is that some people have reported that hooks sometimes fold easily.
  2. Telescoping Modern Boat Hooks: – generally, smaller boat owners prefer the telescoping modern boat hooks as they are only 3-7 feet long. The hook is made up of aluminum which makes it easier to float and is also light-weight. The telescoping hook design is different as the head of the hook is normal and is also curved. This curved angle gives the user the benefit of retrieving any lines or smaller and thinner objects. Plus, both the curved end and the normal end has soft vinyl tips. These tips also prevent any scratches or dents.
  3. Robship Hook or Modern Boat Hooks: – this is a more heavy hook used by professionals for bigger and smaller boats. The main use of robship hooks is to help the users thread the rope through the mooring ring. This is achieved because the hook has a push or pull the lever. The length of the hook is around 6-9 feet and is also expandable. Unlike other boat hooks, the robship hooks do not float as they are heavier and must be taken care of while using.

2 Importance Of Boat Hooks

The first boat hooks were made up of metal rods or wooden rods. These hooks were predominantly used for reaching out for something or were used to pull or push the boat away from the marina. Since the hooks were sharp, they caused little damage to the ship and left some scratches on the boats. Initially, the hooks are used for pushing the wooden logs as pushing the logs was not an easy job. The hook handles were 10-12 feet long and could cause some damage to the boat.

Modern boat hooks are very different from the original design. Since the sharp ends could cause significant damage to the boat and poke holes, the first change in design added new soft vinyl at the end of the hook. The next change in design was that the ends were made round not to scratch the boat, nor will the hook stick anywhere. The hooks are used for a variety of purposes on board. They are used to retrieve the dock lines, pull something closer, and a different type of hook also helps retrieve some water items. Usually, the hooks have a loop at the end that helps collect the items from the water.

Though it will not cause any harm, it is not advised to use boat hooks as an essential time while docking the boat. But people tend to use these modern boat hooks as per their convenience for docking and undocking. The main reason is that the telescopic hooks often tend to collapse unexpectedly, which puts the user in a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is advised to use the hooks for retrieving items from the water and not as a piece of docking equipment.

To Sum It Up

Boat hooks are an integral part of your boat accessories. RS Marine has numerous types of modern boat hooks as per your requirements and convenience.

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