Paint Metal Siding

The house owners who have metal siding know that it easily get rust and the paint tears off because of seasonal changes. You may have removed the rust but it again gets on the metal because of the moist. What should be done to have a long term relief from the task of removing the rust again and again? Painting steel siding is a wonderful option that you can adopt but it needs proper management and application of paint to get good results.

Materials Required for Painting:

  1. Pressure Washer.
  2. Good paint sprayer and Oil-Free liquid soap.
  3. Plastic sheeting and Medium-sized Masking Tape.
  4. Metal-paint or Acrylic Latex paint.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Trisodium Phosphate and Safety gear.
  7. Rust Converter.
  8. Paint roller or Roller extension.

Clean the Metal Siding:

You would see that it is actually the moisture that causes rust on metal siding. Is the rust only the problem that you have to consider? No, you have to deal with the moisture on the metal siding. You have to prepare before removing the rust and moist from the siding.

Clean Aluminum:

Start spraying water by setting low the pressure washer and rinse the rust on the siding. Add oil-free liquid soap in the water and wash the rust with it. Then for the final stage, rinse your metal siding with clean water and then keep it dry for a maximum of two to three days.

Clean Steel:

Protecting gear is very important as you would be using trisodium phosphate which can harm your skin to a great extent. Clean dirt with the chemical with paint sprays and use rust converter on the steel siding for cleaning the rust on steel siding. The rust convert would change the color of rust in black and it would be easy to remove it properly.

Protect Your Other Possessions:

You have to protect all the possession that is covered by steel siding. The cleaning materials can not only harm human skin but also can spoil all your efforts of maintaining your home. Use plastic sheets for covering windows and attach the sheet with masking tape.

Apply Primer:

You can either use a paint sprayer or a paint roller. Most people feel it easier to use paint spray for steel siding. Buy latex bonding primer for painting. Start pouring the primer in the sprayer and then apply it gently on the siding by starting from the top of your room’s wall. Now move through all the sides of the wall and cover the metal siding with the primer.

Let the Primer Dry:

Painting is a long term project and you need a lot of patience for completing this project. You have to wait for the primer to dry for 2 days and if necessary it can take more than 2 days. Now apply acrylic paint to the siding. You have to insert the paint in a clean sprayer so follow the direction of completely cleaning the sprayer and then dry it before pouring the next paint in it.

Apply Paint in the Siding:

You have already applied the primer and now you know what steps you can take for painting your wall. Follow the same procedure of applying primer to the siding and apply the paint on the steel siding. Now let it dry and then you are assured that the paint has dried, apply the second coat of paint. Paint the whole steel siding in an even tone.

When you have completed all the procedures of painting then dry the paint if there is not enough air coming into your house. It would make it firmer and your steel siding would have a nice look. If metal sidings of your house are damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Michigan siding contractors for expert advice.

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