Get Rid Of Bulky Old Junk

There are some things in life that improve with age like a fine wine or a rare antique, but most things just turn into junk. This is frequently the case in our own homes, where things like that old sofa you have had since college has become so lumpy and torn up that you can barely stand to sit on it any more, much less have a nap! The problem is, it’s big and bulky and you can’t just leave it out at the curb with the day’s rubbish! If your home has an old sofa problem or even more decrepit old furniture whose best days have long gone by, then how do you get rid of it? We have the answers!

Junk Removal Service

We will start with the best way to handle the problem, hiring a professional service like that which manages removals in Liverpool who specialise in hauling your old, unwanted furniture away. It doesn’t have to be just furniture, anything you want to get rid of, boxes of mouldering old magazines, broken down beyond all hope of repair major appliances like fridges and washers, mattresses whose last spring has sprung, all of these can be whisked away in a big truck! The only finger you will have to lift is the one that points at something while you say “Take it away!”, and their professional and very strong staff will whisk it off somewhere so you never have to see it again! Best of all, the price is not that dear considering the time and energy it will save you! But, if this one isn’t your jam, there are still other ways!

Garage Or Yard Sale

There is some possibility that you can convince a passer-by to pay you to haul away your junk if you are lucky! A college student may need an ultra-cheap sofa for their off-campus room and see past its flaws! It may be too lumpy for you, but not for a bunch of lads drinking beer on a Sunday while they watch the match on TV, or to nap on while they put off writing that school essay! That box of decades-old magazines might be just the thing a collector has been searching for, and they will thank you as they pay you a few cents to drag it back to their personal library! Or, an artist might want to use them as source photos for a collage, you never can tell! If it were me, I probably wouldn’t even charge them, just tell them to have at it! The main thing is that stuff is gone, mission accomplished!

Government Program

The Australian Government now has a program called Designing out waste for commercial furniture and furnishings – Furniture 360 which when translated into common English reads “We will take your junky old furniture away and try to recycle it somehow.” It’s a win-win situation, you say sayonara to that sofa and the government hauls it away- who says the government never does anything nice for us? 

We hope this helps you clear away your accumulated old junk so that you can replace it with new future junk! 

By Punit