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How To Do Video Calls Using Chromebook?

Video Calls Using Chromebook

What Exactly Is Chromebook Known For?

A Chromebook is a device that uses the Chrome OS, which is based on the Google Chrome web browser. You can use a Chromebook through your Google account as well because your all information is saved there. So you didn’t need to fill the same again. 

Pros And Cons Of Using The Chromebook.


  • Chromebooks are cheaper:- compared to laptops, Chromebooks are quite a little bit expensive. You are thinking wrong if you want to store large amounts of data in Chromebooks. Chromebooks aren’t made for this. Chromebooks are basically for general internet use and you save your limited files there. 
  • It is stable and very fast– Chromebooks can boot up in a matter of seconds, which is hard to say for many other OS out there. Rarely will something crash as well. The operating system runs very smoothly. 
  • Have long battery life:- You can expect 9-11 hours of battery life from Chromebook. The battery of a normal laptop will last for 3-4 hours. Chromebooks have and better life than laptops. That means that Chromebooks are good for use on the go. 
  • They aren’t prone to viruses:- Chromebooks have a built-in antivirus that is always up-to-date. 
  • Lightweight:- They can also be built thinner and lighter because of their lack of taxing operations. The Chrome OS is entirely web-based, so the components needed to make the computer run aren’t high-end and can be minimized.


  • Useless offline:- If the device is offline, there’s not much you can do with it. If you need to edit the documents, you need to have the goggle access. 
  • They have minimal local storage:- Typically, Chromebooks only have 32GB of local storage available. You can save a few images and not much content. You can save things to places like Google Docs and Google Drive, however. 
  • No advanced gaming capabilities:- Of course, there are a few games you have access to on the Google Play store, however, there aren’t many options outside of that. There are some online games as well. 
  • Video editing is not allowed:-  If you’re looking for a device to use to edit or do anything outside of writing documents that are saved on a Cloud, then I wouldn’t recommend getting a Chromebook. If you can’t afford expensive laptops it is advisable to get the Chromebook.

How To Do Facetime On Chromebook?

 Chromebook is a device that runs on OS. The Apple company thought to start Chromebook in Android devices, but the idea flopped. 

Till then, Apple cannot process FaceTime available on Chromebooks and other Android devices.

This is the main reason why people prefer to buy iPhones just because of the Facetime feature present in it. 

To be able to FaceTime using a Chromebook, you need to have another alternative app as good as FaceTime installed on the Chromebook that can be used for video calling.

There Are Some Other Ways To Do Video Calls On Chromebook?

1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most used video conferencing apps, especially used during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are both methods on Zoom. You can use it for free and you can subscribe as well. Zoom allows several people at one time. You can use Zoom to video call one person as well. This feature is available in Android and in Apple as well.  

2. Skype

Skype is another method to video call with your friends. A maximum of 100 people can join the Skype video call. 

3. Google Meet

Google Meet is also a very efficient video-calling application. You can schedule your video call as per your calendar. 

4. Google Hangouts

This app is 100% supported and trustable on Chromebook. If you are video calling somebody using a Chromebook, then they will have Google Hangouts with them by default. It is free to use. You can chat, or video call any of your friends at any time. 


When it comes to video calling, facetime is the most relevant service anyone could ever find. That’s why people prefer those devices that have Facetime.