Entrance Hallway

So much has been said over the years about the importance of first impressions and every culture has a unique way of evaluating what that first impression means to them. For example, it is said that the Chinese base a first impression on the level of intelligence they perceive upon meeting someone new, whereas many of the ‘refined’ western cultures look at how someone is dressed and their demeanour.

No matter how many ethnic variations there are on first impressions, there is one thing which can be said across the board and that is the fact that you will only get one shot at giving a positive first impression. So, too, it is with your home when someone enters for the first time. If you are not quite content with what you feel your entrance hallway is saying about you and your lifestyle, maybe it’s time for a bit of redecorating.

Work with What You Have

One of the main reasons why so many people don’t do much with their main entryway is because it is terribly small. However, that shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when creating an eye-catching entrance hallway. Most often those small entrance hallways have a wonderful view of a living room, dining room or even a stairway leading up to an upper floor.

Isn’t it just possible that with bespoke stair runners cut to size with a carpet that complements your décor you could be creating the most spectacular focal point imaginable? Don’t forget to have a piece of that very same carpet cut as an indoor mat. Every exterior door has one just inside, so why not carry that theme through to your entrance hallway? In fact, if your hallway is long, why not have a hall runner cut as well?

Add a Bit of Light

Oddly, many entrance hallways don’t have an overhead light! Perhaps the architect or interior designer felt there would enough light filtering through the glass panels on the door or from the room just inside at the end of the hall. This may be satisfactory during the brightest part of the day, but in the dark evening hours it will not do at all. Whether you hire an electrician to install an above head chandelier or perhaps use a lamp situated on a narrow console table lining a wall of the hallway or a couple sconces on either interior side of the door, nothing is quite as inviting as a well-lit entrance hallway.

An Added Bit of Décor

One of the other things you may wish to consider is adding a bit of décor to that hallway. What about seasonal flowers on the console table or perhaps a picture or two on the wall and table? There are so many interesting ways to add a flourishing touch without breaking the bank. It doesn’t need to be overly busy but just enough to add a bit of colour and depth.

If you are wondering what anyone thinks upon entering your home for the first time, then perhaps it is time to spruce up that entrance hallway. First impressions really do have an impact and sometimes they last a lifetime. Why ruin what could otherwise be a long and friendly relationship simply because you didn’t know that little effort now goes a very long way down the hall and into your future?

By Punit