How To Blend Gray Hair With Highlights

Blend Gray Hair With Highlights

When your hair starts turning grey, there are various options to enhance its look. Blending grey hair with highlights involves covering grey roots or enhancing the silver appearance. The lightener is not applied directly to the hair but the strands around them. It makes your hair appear more natural and thicker.

There are different ways of blending gray hair with highlights. These are;


Lowlights for gray hair is an alternative way to cover red or brown hair. It is common for clients who do not prefer blonde colors that look unnatural to them. For you to achieve lowlight, the hair is placed over gray strands to add depth and richness. The colors used could have permanent or temporary effects depending on individual needs.

Traditional Highlights

These are classic highlights applied from the root of your hair to the tip to achieve a bright shiny effect. Since the highlight starts at the tip, it allows you to break gray regrowth and gives the hair a new dimension and movement. If you need blonde highlights, you can use subtle color tones such as ash instead of natural silver or gray strands.

Micro-fine Highlights

Microfine highlights are ideal for customers who want to cover their hair with a light appearance of wispy gray. They are natural-looking and blend small silver strands away. If your hair has heavy regrowth, the highlights can be applied back to back. It ensures that there are no gaps left in between the ribbons.

How to take care of highlights

For effective and long-lasting effects of highlights, you need to know how to maintain your hair. The following after-care tips will help to keep your hair healthy and natural-looking.

Use of Deep Treatments

With aging, the scalp produces less oil, which explains why gray hair feels coarse in texture. You can boost your hair hydration by using a deep conditioner to treat your hair. The conditioner helps to moisturize your scalp for better-looking strands.

Minimal Styling Heat

Styling can damage your hair, especially if done at high temperatures. You can preserve the texture of your hair strands by air-drying them. If there is a need to blow-dry the hair, it is commendable to use low heat to prevent damaging hair strands.

Using Shake up Shampoo

After blending grey hair with highlights, it is important to switch the shampoo and conditioner to those that are safe for hair treated with colors. When washing your hair, it will help to use warm to cool water to prevent dryness caused by hot water. Proper maintenance of high-heightened hair helps to retain moisture for healthier hair.

Highlighting Gray Hair at Home

You can blend the color of your hair on your own at the comfort of your home. It is advisable to get a home highlighting kit with all the requirements for a perfect highlight. The kit helps you choose the strands you would like to lighten to avoid making errors and undesired outcomes.

If you want to maintain high-lighted hair and you would like to maintain the new look, you should do a double process for better results. You can also highlight gray hairs if you want to try the process for the first time to make the silver strays less noticeable. The process is time-saving and boosts your confidence. Doing the highlights for yourself also lets you choose what suits you best.

There are various hair color options, but it is important to understand your hair type to choose the most suitable option. For gray hair, you could have full coverage or gray blending, depending on individual needs. It will help to work with a hair professional to make the right choices for your hair coloring.