How to Stay Fit

After enduring a long and merciless summer, the first rains of the monsoon feel like a blessing. But for those who are susceptible to health conditions like common cold and cough, it isn’t long before these rains turn into a curse. Children and the elderly in particular are affected by viral infections and water-borne diseases that can easily spread through exposure to contaminated water.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take an extreme amount of discipline to prevent these problems. All you need to do to stay healthy and happy throughout the season is exercise some minor precautions, such as:

Stay Covered:

As enticing as it is to spend your days singing and dancing in the rain, you must avoid doing so at all costs. Being exposed to rain water can result in a host of viral diseases and fungal infections that attack the feet and nails. Protect yourself by wearing long raincoats and covering as much of your body as possible. Even if you do happen to get wet, change your clothes, especially your socks, and dry off immediately.

Avoid Roadside Food:

When food is prepared out in the open, the chances of it coming into contact with harmful bacteria are dangerously high. It is better to stick to homemade food throughout this period. The same applies to water as well. Do not consume it from outside, and make sure you only drink boiled and filtered water.

Maintain a Healthy Diet:

Simply eating homemade food is not enough to safeguard you from the woes of the monsoon. You must maintain a healthy diet consisting of fruits like pears, apples, and pomegranates. Vegetables like bitter gourd, bottle gourd, and other pungent foods are also good for your health. As far as possible, avoid leafy vegetables because their dampness makes them highly prone to germs.

Keep Mosquitoes at Bay:

Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like malaria and dengue, and stagnant water is a breeding ground for them. Counter this issue by keeping your house clean and throwing away old accumulated water from tanks, vases, flower pots, and coolers. Keep the windows covered in nets and slather yourself with some mosquito repellent every time you go out.

Simply following these four tips will go a long way in keeping you safe this rainy season. Of course, it is impossible to stay completely protected from every kind of disease over the long run. That is why, the best precaution you can take is owning a health insurance policy. Even if you do get sick, a good plan will cover the cost of medical treatments and protect you from a wide spectrum of ailments. You could opt for a family health insurance plan that will provide you access to quality healthcare and secure both you and your loved ones at a lower premium.

Taking measures to stay healthy in the monsoon is extremely necessary, but the most important step of all is to buy health insurance and ensure that you are prepared for any unforeseen medical emergencies that may arise.

Happy monsoon!

By Punit