Foot Massage

Everyone loves a massage. It might be a full body massage, a head massage or even just a simple foot massage. Who doesn’t like to sit back and relax? According to studies, it has been proven that foot massages are the most beneficial to your health. There are many ways you can include a short foot massage into your daily routine and even just ten minutes of rubbing and pressing you can start to feel better. Here are the ways massaging your feet can help your health.

1. Decrease Stress

Stress can be decreased thanks to foot massages. When you massage your feet your blood pressure drops. This is because it is a relaxing process. While you are relaxing, happy endorphins are being sent to your brain. This relieves stress, tension, and depression. Next time you have had a really hard and tiring day, sit back and massage your feet gently with some lavender oil to relieve all that built-up tension in your body.

2. Increase Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is important in your body. If your blood circulates properly, then you will have a healthy heart, and you are at a lower risk of deadly blood clots. All types of massages help improve your blood flow, but foot massages are the most effective. This is because your feet spend more time working and pumping blood back up to the body. Put your feet up and give yourself a massage. You can ease this process and increase your blood circulation.

3. Help You Sleep Better

Because a foot massage can release tension and decrease stress, you will sleep a lot better than before. Before going to bed, turn down the lights, get out some cream and work your way gently down your legs and to your feet. This works even better if someone does it for you. You will soon feel yourself dozing off into a deep and much-needed sleep.

4. Relieve Various Types of Pain

Your feet are actually very complex parts of the body. On your foot, you will find different areas that have pressure points. By placing pressure on these points, other pain in your body can be relieved. This is called reflexology and is a basic but old way of pain reliever. You can cut back on those headaches, back pain and even serious conditions like liver and kidney pain. As long as you apply the right pressure in the right area, then you can start to heal yourself without harmful medication.

Try It Today

However busy your life is, you can always find ten minutes of your time to spend massaging your feet. It might be while you are in the bath, after the shower or just before bed. Your feet connect your whole body, and you will start to feel healthier by just taking some care to your feet.

If you don’t find it as relaxing to give yourself a foot massage and you don’t have anyone to help invest in a foot massager. There are some best foot massagers on the market this year, and they can provide you with the ultimate relaxation and massage experience.

By jmiles

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