Commonly identified with a ‘#’, a Hashtag has made an important place for itself in the social media marketing world. 

Businesses and marketers are often on the lookout for new trends to upscale their profits and businesses. 

While they leverage multiple marketing techniques, one of the most efficient ways to increase profits is conducting a hashtag campaign. 

As mentioned above, Hashtag is a keyword often used for easy content discoverability. Brands often utilize hashtags to improve their brand visibility and presence and help users engage more with the brand. 

Hashtag campaign

What Is A Hashtag Campaign? 

To simply put it across, a Hashtag campaign is a marketing strategy conducted by brands, especially by using a specific Hashtag to enhance user engagement, improve organic reach, generate more User-Generated Content, and eventually increase conversions and sales. 

Since you are aware of what a hashtag campaign is, you must be wondering about the tactics using which you can conduct a hashtag campaign. 

Keep reading ahead to know how you can seamlessly conduct a brilliant hashtag campaign and reap the benefits. 

The Guide To Conduct A Hashtag Campaign

Mentioned below are a few important points using which you can easily conduct a hashtag campaign with ease. 

#1 Conduct A Thorough Research 

Before conducting a campaign, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is doing thorough research. Make notes about your strategy, analyze what your competitors are doing, and keep a check about the latest trending topics. 

A campaign without proper research is pointless, and all your efforts will be wasted. 

Additionally, you must be clear of your goals. Ask yourself what you want to achieve through this hashtag campaign- i.e., Do you want to increase the number of followers, or do you wish for increased user engagement, or do you wish for both?

Make notes of the above points and make points accordingly. 

#2 Select A Relevant Hashtag 

While being enthusiastic about the hashtag campaign is a good thing, going overboard and choosing any hashtag may hamper your campaign. 

Moreover, once you know what you wish to achieve, the next step is you need to select a relevant hashtag. 

The key to remember here is that you need to choose a hashtag that is relatable to your brand and makes sense. It should be simple, like the #challengeaccepted hashtag. 

A simple and easy-to-understand hashtag will surely grab more attention, and your audience will be able to connect better.  

#3 Collaborate!

Influencers are called influencers for a reason! 

It is an important step and can drastically improve the presence of your hashtag campaign. Collaborating with famous influencers and promoting your campaign through their profile can increase your engagement.

They may ask you for a specific fee to collaborate, but it will be worth it once you start seeing the results. Isn’t it? 

#4 Make An Emotional Connect 

People engage more when their emotions are evoked within them. Try to create a hashtag campaign that can emotionally connect with your audience, and they feel the need to be a part. 

Recall the #WorthSaying campaign by Loreal Paris, which created a buzz amongst women worldwide. 

Many women participated in the campaign and revealed issues that matter to them and are worth saying. The campaign became so popular that it garnered attention from celebrities like Blake lively and Jennifer Lopez, who became a part of the campaign. 

#5 Spread The Word To Promote Your Hashtag Campaign 

Once you are done with understanding your goal, selecting a name for your campaign, and deciding what it will be about, you finally need to promote your hashtag campaign and let everyone know about it. 

You can run ads about the campaign, spread the word through your personal sources, or convince people to participate through your social media handles. 

The key point to remember is to get results and garner attention. You need to promote and spread the word. 

Summing It Up

Here we are at the end of the blog. While hashtag campaigns may be one of the fastest and efficient ways to increase your brand awareness and visibility, it requires proper planning and execution to reap the benefits. 

Using the points mentioned above, you will surely be able to design and implement a good hashtag campaign. 

Just do thorough research and understand the competitors first. Follow it up by choosing a relevant name for your Hashtag. Keep in mind that evoking emotions can help a great deal in increasing the engagement of audiences, and lastly, always promote the campaign through various mediums. 

Since you are aware of the points to be kept in mind while creating a hashtag campaign, what are you waiting for? 

Get going and create a brilliant hashtag campaign to give a boost to your sales and user engagement. 

By JulieW