Give Your Home a Makeover

Spring is a natural time of rejuvenation. As flowers are popping through the soil and trees are budding with new foliage, it’s almost impossible not to get in the mood for some new touches in your home. Refresh your house to feel cleaner and look brighter this season with these simple projects:

1. Add Repurposed Seating.

The drab winter months made you feel like a hermit, but spring just begs for bright gatherings. Add some new seating around the home to accommodate all those friends you want to invite, with repurposed furniture. Do you have unused storage crates sitting around the garage? Perhaps you spotted a collection of old crates for a steal at your neighbor’s garage sale. You can transform these crates into convenient seating with minimal effort.

Cut a piece of plywood to fit over the top of the crate. Cut a foam mattress pad or batting down to fit over the plywood. Cover with fabric and staple into place on the bottom side. Set over your crate, and you still have storage with the added benefit of seating on top.

2. Touch Up Home Details.

A bucket of paint and a few free hours can do wonders for your home. Get rid of all the scuffs, chips, and damage that your home has suffered over those stir-crazy winter months. Wash your walls anywhere you can see smudges, dirt, or actual writing on the wall. If washing alone isn’t enough, then purchase the appropriate paint colors for each room of your home and touch up any trouble spots.

3. Freshen Up Your Air.

Spring is a beautiful season to start spending more time outside, but it’s difficult for those with allergies. Make sure your air conditioner is up to the task of filtering out pollen, dust, and other irritants in the air. You should order professional service once a year to keep everything in top condition.

Complement your professional service with some easy DIY jobs for a fresher home. Clear debris away from the exterior AC unit. Change the filter inside every one to three months to keep your air healthy and breathable all season.

4. Give Tired Tables New Life.

If spring brunches and holiday buffets are dancing in your head, then you might want to spruce up your space with some bold tables for serving up all those goodies. Sand down old furniture to create the perfect surface for a fresh coat of paint. Forget traditional tones and try a bright, new color like bold turquoise, poppy pink, or sunshine yellow to give your tables added interest. If you’re feeling particularly artistic, then you can even add stripes, polka dots, or your own original design.

These quick projects won’t take more than a single weekend for a little makeover that will impact your home all season. Whether you’re looking for a brighter entertaining space or improved air quality, you can improve your home easily this spring.

By Punit