Estate Cleanout

Estate cleanout is a necessary evil that can be a result of major unfortunate events in life, such as:

• Downsizing due to significant lifestyle changes

• Death in the family

• Divorce

• Impending debt

• Or relocation due to job change.

It is estimated that about 10,000 Americans are turning 65, meaning a large portion of the population is aging out. Therefore, resulting in a large amount of downsizing in lifestyle and,in some cases, simply passing away. So, there is nothing wrong with assuming that the country is in big need of estate cleanout.

That being said, there are many properties that require frequent cleaning because of busy schedules or separation.

No matter what is the reason behind the estate cleanout, it can be a challenging process. After all, an average American household can be 25000 square feet and boarded up with years of gathered belongings.

So, if you or a family member is facing a situation where you need to conduct an estate cleanout, then here are some key points you must know to manage this stressful task effectively. Let’s begin!

1. Comb through the home

It happens; people often forget where they keepthings. In fact, many people have left valuable and important items within their houses.

So, before the estate cleanout service providers stop by, ensure to comb through the house thoroughly and not exclude any corner. Go through everything from shelves to drawers, every container, etc.

Take as much time as you need. Once you feel that you haven’t left anything unturned, go ahead and hand over the estate.

2. Organize all the important financial documents

Another thing you must consider before letting the cleanout company takeover is arranging and setting aside documents such as will, trust, and similar documents.

Find if there are any insurance policies, statements, titles, and real estate deeds. If you couldn’t find them, you can always resend the bank statements and then obtain them from the bank.

Similarly, get a hold of tax returns, stock certificates (if any), 401(k) records, and receipts. These will prove useful to file the returns on income tax.

3. Find a system to share the estate items

If you have a huge family who has a claim on items in the estate, then summon everyone in one place to hold a meeting on who will get what item.

Create a list and ensure that everyone is getting the right share from the estate.

Also, sharing estate items among family members can sometimes be a tricky situation and result in disputes if one member gets more share than the other. It is best to take help from the outside. Hire a legal help or outside mediator for a seamless and issueless procedure.

4. Store the photos and memorabilia

Even though photos and memorabilia are materialistically cheap, they hold immense sentimental value. For anyone outside the family, these things may be old items, but for family members, they may refresh memories.

So, before the estate cleanout service providers come, ensure to take out pictures, albums, scrapbooks, etc. The notion here is to remove anything that holds sentimental value and store them safely.

The future generation can relate or experience these invaluable items to link with family members they may never meet.

5. Donate or sell old clothing

Even though old clothes have no resale value, you can get a good deal on vintage clothes that are considered antique today.

If you think you have such clothes in either of the wardrobes, then take them to a consignment shop to get them checked. Vintage clothes can be sold on eBay or through yard sales, helping you make a quick buck or two.

You can also donate clothes through charity to help the less fortunate. This way, you can honor the deceased family member.

6. Hire an estate appraiser

If the estate has a substantial amount of furniture, antiques, and jewelry, then hire an accredited professional to gain an estimate of each item.

These appraisers can charge an hourly fee to conduct the evaluation. The total cost of the appraisal will depend upon the type of appraisal you want and the property’s location.

7. Don’t let things overwhelm you

The real estate cleanout procedure can be grueling work. Moreover, it can drain you mentally, physically and can be emotionally exhausting.

So, don’t let the work overwhelm you. If possible, ask a friend or family member to lend a helping hand. This way, you will have someone for emotional support while scanning the house for photos, important documents, or organizing financial document.

Also, ensure that you work with professionals if you wish to move or haul huge things.

Bottom line

Once you complete the process mentioned above, go ahead and hire Chukn’Junk so the exhausting work of estate cleanout can be completed with utmost accuracy.