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Since we live in a world filled with express delivery and shopping, the natural aspect is to ensure you get everything you need on time. However, the question is how fast you can receive a credit card. Of course, the procedure includes filing an application and waiting for approval. Still, you should wait for some time, while the pace depends on the issuer. 

In some cases, you can get a credit card on the same day (søk kredittkort på dagen), which is important to remember. For instance, virtual credit cards are instant-use, meaning you can make payments the moment a lender approves you. Therefore, you do not have to wait for a physical card to arrive. 

On the other hand, the timeline varies based on the lending institutions, while most of them will handle the process in less than thirty days. 

Approval Process

As soon as you file an application, the next step includes a lending institution analyzing your situation and approving or denying you depending on specific factors. The process can last between a few minutes and weeks, depending on your preferences. 

When choosing an online issuer, you can get the credit card in a matter of minutes. Most of them have automated systems that will check your application by following codes and policies. Of course, some issuers require more information to decide, especially if you wish to use zero-percent APR or reward cards. 

The same thing can happen when you apply in person or over the phone. Of course, when using physical mail, you must wait for the application to reach the desired location so the lender can decide based on your personal info. It does not matter the mean you apply because the lender must decide in the next thirty days after you complete the application process. 


When applying, the issuer will check out the relevant info you must provide and share. That way, an issuer can decide whether you are eligible and which terms you will get based on your creditworthiness and other factors. 

Issuers will check out the factors such as credit history, report, income, and scores, as well as other sources of debt such as rent, utilities, and mortgage. Sometimes, you should call an issuer to check out the pending process. However, in other situations, the lender will require more time to analyze everything. 

If you do not receive a decision in the next few days, we can differentiate a few reasons for the delay, such as:

  • Frozen credit report
  • Mistakes
  • Personal information requires verification, which can prolong the process.
  • They must verify your income before providing an offer.
  • The lender may have numerous applications to handle at once, which will affect the speed altogether. 

Do you wish to prevent potential issues from happening? We recommend you fill out the application honestly and completely by checking out each line. That will help you boost the approval and review process, which is important to remember. 

At the same time, do you have frozen credit scores or reports? The main goal is unfrozen everything temporarily, which will allow an issuer to check out your situation. By clicking here, you will learn the importance of using a credit card. 

Credit Card Arrival

We cannot provide you with a straight or single answer on how long you will need to wait to receive a credit card through the mail.

Everything depends on the postal service and issuer. Still, numerous issuers state that you will receive a card in the mail in the next seven to ten days after approval. Remember that if you get a secured option, the first thing you should do is fund a deposit.


When it comes to replacing the lost card, you should know that the delivery is between two and seven business days. Still, you should talk with a credit card company to learn about specifics that will help you throughout the process. Do you wish to ensure the process starts? You should call a provider and state that you have lost a card.

As soon as lending institutions learn about a missing card, they will deactivate it. Then the issuer can set you up with a new one. This will feature assigning you a new number as well. In case you need replacement due to severe damage, you may receive one with the same number. 

Another important consideration is whether you can use a card before receiving the one you need. Some of them come with instant access the moment they approve you. It means you will receive the chance to use it the same day. 

Of course, everything depends on the issuer and card you wish to take. But you may access the details right after the approval. That way, you do not have to wait to get a physical plastic and instead use it online for numerous reasons.

Aspects of line of credit

Generally, you can use a line of credit in three different aspects, including: 

  • Virtually – You may get access to details via a mobile app or online. Some providers will offer you virtual credit card numbers to ensure you do secure online shopping. 
  • In-Person – The moment you add a credit card to a digital wallet, you can use your smart device, mobile device, or watch to make in-store purchases.

Remember that instant use is different from instant approval because the instant-approval cards feature a chance to get approved in a matter of minutes after sending an application. Still, you can use it only when you receive the physical one.

Tips for Getting a Credit Card Faster

1. Pre-Approval

When you decide to undergo a pre-approval process, you should know that it is an additional step that will help you save money by focusing on the ones you can get in the first place. Since the pre-approval will allow you to narrow a search and check out the options you are eligible for, you can avoid applying for the ones a provider can reject you. 

If you wish to determine whether an issuer has pre-approved you, the lender will ask you for relevant information throughout the process. Getting pre-approval involves a soft inquiry of your credit, which will not hurt your score. 

Keep in mind that pre-approval is an indication. The moment you decide to apply for a card, you can take advantage of additional steps that will help you achieve full application. As a result, lenders will conduct a hard inquiry on credit scores, which will ultimately reduce it afterward. 

2. Instant Approval

It is vital to remember that instant approval is not an indication that you can use the card immediately afterward. If that is something you are searching for, we recommend you check the ones you can instantly use. However, instant approval means that you will receive the plastic faster, even if you do not have an excellent credit score. 

The best way to improve your chances of getting instant approval is by choosing an issuer that will offer you reviews in real time. Another important consideration is learning about your credit score or rating, which will allow you to choose cards you can qualify for. 

3. Expediting Shipping

Suppose you cannot wait the next seven to ten days to receive a credit card. In that case, you can ask if the issuer will offer you expedited shipping. Remember that you must pay an additional amount for the process. 

Watch this video: to learn everything about cards before making up your mind. 

Things to Know About Using a Credit Card

1. Understand the Terms and Agreements

As soon as you decide to open a new credit card account, we recommend you carefully read the customer agreement and opening disclosures. As a result, you will know everything you can expect when it comes to interest rates, fees, and due dates. 

2. On-Time Payments

According to government bodies, you should make on-time payments to ensure the best course of action. The main idea is to ensure the payment history remains intact, especially since it is essential to factor in a credit score. A single missed payment will affect your score while leading to additional interest rates and fees.

You should consider setting up electronic reminders and automatic payments to help you ensure you can handle each step along the way. 

3. Clear the Debt Before Each Cycle

The best course of action is clearing the entire debt you take before the billing cycle, which will help you avoid fees, penalties, and severe debt that may accumulate as time goes by. On the other hand, you can pay only a minimum amount, which will ensure your account remains in good standing. 

Still, when paying the minimum, you will enter the next billing cycle with a balance, and they will charge you interest on it. Clearing everything before the due means you do not have to pay additional interest on charges you made, which is the wisest solution possible. 

4. Avoid Reaching the Limit

The main idea is to use a credit card only when you really need it. At the same time, you should avoid reaching the limit. One of the most important factors for a credit score is the utilization ratio. We are talking about the available credit you are using. 

Generally, the lower ratio you have, the better your credit score you will feature. The facts state that you should not go below thirty percent of the limit to ensure the biggest score possible. 

By Punit