If you ever googled best baby formula, you’d probably see shops overwhelmed with German baby formula. So the question is whether the German baby formula is as good as they say. Some parents prefer it because there are more vitamins and fewer doubtful elements in the content. However, does the origin of the baby formula influence its quality? Let’s sort it out. 

German Baby Formula

Why Do Parents Prefer German Infant Milk? 

Being a part of the European Union, this country must follow the strict standards of baby food creation. Unlike, the US where each manufacturer can label the formula as organic without much effort, those made in any European country must abide by strict organic farming standards. Except for the EU regulation organization, there are also independent ones monitoring the way of farming to ensure that the ingredients are fully safe for making baby food e.g. Demeter or Bioland.

It means that baby food made in Germany will be good and safe for a kid by default. The biggest advantage of baby formula designed in Germany is its clean content. You can easily track the origin of all the components so the process of selecting the best food for a child is easy.

Content of German Baby Formula

The main task for each parent is to provide a kid with the most nutritious food for healthy development, which is why German baby food is considered the best one in the terms of content. In the process of producing baby food at German plants, natural cow’s milk is processed. Only farm products are used for baby formulas. 

Thus, there are no harmful additives and other undesirable components in the content. After the production process is completed, infant formula undergoes not one, but as many as 600 checks, during which composition analyzes are carried out. So the finished product is guaranteed to be safe for newborns. Except for that, formulas made in the EU have lactose(rarely maltodextrin) as the main source of energy and are packed with probiotics and prebiotics.

Besides, there is a list of forbidden elements that the manufacturer hasn’t to add to the content because they can cause lots of issues for kids’ immature systems:

  • glucose
  • fructose
  • sucrose
  • carrageenan

Types of German Formula 

Of course, we have all heard about the most famous and trustworthy organic formula brand Holle. The reason why it’s so popular among parents all over the world is its long terms history which proves the quality of all baby products made by the company. Besides, it has an organic goat-based milk formula range for those having issues with digesting cow milk protein. What’s even more, Holle produces food for babies starting from birth until 3 years old, so if you decide on Holle baby formula, there will be no need to look for another manufacturer to switch between formula stages when your little one grows. 

The next reliable German brand is Lebenswert. It is a budget-friendly alternative made by Holle. However, its price doesn’t mean that the formulas made by the company have worse content. Contrary, while all EU organic baby formulas must have 95% of organic ingredients to gain the corresponding label, Lebenswert infant milk consist of 100% natural elements. It’s needless to say, you won’t find any artificial ingredients, additives, or preservatives in the content. 

Since 2016 Löwenzahn Organics has been developing and producing modern organic products that optimally support a baby’s nutrition during the first 1000 days. The company’s main creed is to children the best start in life. Infant milk consists of only the best ingredients of certified organic quality without unnecessary additives, produced honestly and sustainably. Transparency in the production chain and independent safety monitoring ensure that parents can trust Löwenzahn Organics products. Together with nutritionists, we started and developed baby food according to the highest standards – exactly the way we want to feed it. 

Talking about German baby formula, it’s also worth mentioning HiPP. The content of HiPP Baby Formula baby food is riched with galactooligosaccharides, lactose, fatty acids, etc. Furthermore, there is a range of special formulas for kids with disorders like reflux, sensitivity, and a.

Humana is an adapted baby formula with galactooligosaccharides, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and nucleotides that is developed based on scientific achievements, clinical research, and following the requirements of EU legislation. The main composition feature of all baby food is reduced protein content. The ratio of whey proteins and casein is 64:36.

The Ending Thoughts 

Tu sum up, baby food made in Germany is not overrated. If you are looking for the best baby formula, then those made in this country are exactly what you need. No matter what brand you choose, your little one will receive the best nutrition that will fully satisfy its needs from very birth. Moreover, the clarity in the ingredients significantly reduces the risk of developing different diseases. 

By Punit