Frazier Khattri - Beats

As a child, growing up in Surrey, England, Frazier Khattri never imagined that he would one day have millions of fans all over the world. Now a celebrated content creator, he has come a long way from a child that liked to play video games. He has been building his brand for over 12 years now, and with over 7 million subscribers across his two YouTube channels and 4 million followers on social media, he is now a leader in his industry.

“I loved making videos every day and that started to build me a large following. My love for making videos is what took me here. I am very grateful though as it has opened many doors and given me experiences I never would have had otherwise.” 

Khattri, known online as “Kay” has had a formidable career as a content creator. He spent years as a member of “FaZe Clan”, the largest gaming organization in the world. They were the first eSports team ever to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the first to become a public company listed on NASDAQ with an initial valuation of about $1 billion. In 2021 he departed FaZe and has been focusing on his own brand as well as that of his brother, Jarvis Khattri, known just as “Jarvis” online.

Frazier has helped grow and support my channel since the very start of my YouTube career, taking me from 0 subscribers to over 5 million. He was the person who pushed me into doing this and it has changed my life forever. He also takes a leading part in all business aspects of my YouTube career, helping to secure some of the biggest brands on the planet. We have uploaded hundreds and hundreds of videos together,” said Jarvis. “Frazier is one of the most hardworking individuals I have ever met, and it pushes me to work more and be better. He grinded for years before he ever got his break on YouTube and that persistence is contagious.”

During his time with FaZe, Kay worked with many major brands to create videos that promoted their products in a fun and unique way. This is exemplified by their September 2020 “We Pranked the FaZe House” in partnership with Beats Headphones, where the members of FaZe are pranked, all while wearing and talking about why they love their Beats. 

“I’ve been a fan of Beats since I was a kid so the fact we had the opportunity to work with them was surreal! It went super smooth and everyone involved was happy with the results. They even built a gym in the FaZe house and decked it out with amazing equipment,” said Kay.

The premise of the video was that the FaZe members were told they were making a promotional video for Beats, but didn’t know the concept. When they arrived on set, they were told to wear all white in an all white room in order for images to be projected onto them. However, once they were seated in the room, they were blasted with paint instead. 

“It was a strange one as we had no idea what the real idea for the video was until we got pranked! They set us up really well. We thought we were going to their studios for something unrelated but in fact they had planned the whole thing,” said Kay. “The Beats team were super professional and I liked the fact they pranked us without telling us the plan because it made our reactions very real.”

Kay and Jarvis were part of the talent who were pranked by Beats. Because of their following, they were selected by the brand to have a larger audience. The video has amassed over 750,000 views to date, showcasing the reach that Kay has with his audience.

By Punit