Pregnancy is not just a common word. It means one body and two souls. In pregnancy, women are not alone that they can do anything or can eat any things. They have to eat what will suits their new fetes baby and not just whatever they want or like. Pregnancy is a very emotional situation or moments for every family member and not only for parent and thus one should properly take care of the unborn baby’s mother especially what she has to eat and what have to not.

Foods Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Here are some food collections which women should strictly avoid during pregnancy:

1. Papaya

Yes it’s true that Papaya is a fruit and pregnant woman should take fruit on daily basis for energy but somewhere it is also true that in many years ago Papaya was used for abortion because it contains sufficient traces of latex, a milky white solution which cause uterus contraction and can cause abortion. So women must avoid having papaya.

2. Fennel seeds

One must avoid and should never eat Fennel seeds or dhania while pregnant because it may cause miscarriage which can be dangerous for the little one.

3. Jackfruits

This is also a dangerous fruit because they contain bromelain enzymes which soften the cervix and cause early Labour pain and in turn can cause miscarriage and thus it can become very dangerous for new fetal. Women must avoid it during pregnancy.

4. Homemade cookies

Pregnant woman should avoid homemade cookies and anything which is made from smooth wheat or very fine wheat. When they eat these things, even slight dough may be left and the same may attract harmful bacteria which can cause harm to the newly born baby.

5. Simple Carbohydrates

Yes Carbohydrates are useful but in some cases and in excess amounts it may cause painful constipation. We should fully avoid outer carbohydrate likes bread pizza burger tec.

6. Sugar rich food

During pregnancy, pregnant women should fully avoid sugar-rich food. It may cause diabetes and increase blood pressure.

7. Streets food

Street food is normally known as spicy, hot, and sour food in taste and unwanted and polluted also which is not good for pregnant women. It may upset your stomach and can also cause food poisoning and can make your body unhygienic.

8. Fatty food

Fatty food means food that increases your fat during pregnancy and women should avoid the same during their pregnancy. It may increase your cholesterol levels and may also cause heart diseases.

9. Artificial Sweetener

Women should not take artificial sweetener because artificial sweetener may contain Saccharin and Saccharin is generally not filtered by the placenta which results highly damage to the fetus.

10. Excess of Vitamin

Anything too much is not good for health. Similarly, intake of Vitamin is good but in excess amount is totally bad for health. High vitamin in the body may disturb the normal development of fetal and even trigger and pre-term Labor.

11. Nitrate Rich Food

High quantity Bacon, sausages, Diet Soda, and artificial sweetener are some nitrate-rich food which may cause poor development of fetal and may result in inborn of an abnormal baby.

12. Canned Food

Canned food may contain Biphenyl bacteria which cause fetal endocrine disruption activities.

13. Herbal Tea and Supplement

All herbal products are not harmful but some herbal products like Senna, wormwood, sawplametro are dangerous for a pregnant women.

14. Seafood and fish

Some seafood and fish are also not good for pregnant women because it may contain a high amount of mercury. High-level mercury may damage the brain and development of fetuses.

15. Raw and undercooked eggs

Taking proper boil egg is good for health but raw or undercooked egg is not good for pregnant women because it may contain Salmonella bacteria causing Vomiting and diarrhea.

16. Unpasteurized Dairy Product

Milk and Curds are good for pregnant women but only they prefer fresh milk and curd and not unpasteurized.  If you are taking it, the same may cause food poisoning too.&nbsp>

17. Unpasteurized Soft Cheese

Raw or soft cheeses are harmful to pregnant women because it may contain Listeria bacteria which cause listerias, Miscarriage, and premature birth. Avoiding soft cheese may decrease these incidents.

18. Unwashed fruits and Vegetables

During pregnancy, pregnant women should take quality green vegetables but these days, vegetables which are totally covered by harmful pesticides like Toxoplasma Gondii parasite and Listeria bacteria which may cause damage to the growth of the fetus. Thus, it is suggestible to avoid unwashed fruits and vegetables especially cabbage and lattice during pregnancy.

19. Nuts that cause Allergies

Nuts are very useful for women during pregnancy but some nuts like cashews, Chestnuts, and Filberts are very harmful because it may cause food poisoning and may result in swelling of whole body parts if it is causing allergies.

20. The restaurant’s made Salads

Salads are good for pregnant women but Restaurant made salads are very dangerous. It may contain Listeria bacteria which may cause fatal problems.

21. Unpasteurized juices:

You can eat fresh fruit or packed juice or refrigerated juice but unpasteurized juice is more harmful to pregnant women because it may contain E.colibnd and Salmonella bacteria which may cause fetal disease problem.

22. Excessive Caffeine Related product

We know that tea or coffee may provide instant energy to the body because it may result in discrete or low birth.

23. Grapes

Don’t take Grapes on a daily basis because it may high your body temperature leading to unwanted complications like indigestion, vomiting, etc.

24. Fenugreek seeds

Pregnant women should avoid methi (also known as fenugreek seeds) because it has the property that can lead to contraction and relaxing of the uterus which may lead to premature delivery or abortion.

25. Sesame Seeds

Earlier, Sesame seeds were used as abortion medicine because it has the property of stimulating the uterine muscles triggering contraction which finally lead to the expulsion of the ovum that has fertilized.

26. Pineapple

Pineapple is also a fruit that should be avoided during pregnancy of women as it may contain bromelain enzymes which cause softening and bringing in labor.  It can also cause premature birth. This fruit has a property that heats your body very soon which causes Labor pain and premature birth.

27. Homemade Ice-cream

Pregnant women should avoid homemade Ice cream because it may contain Salmonella bacteria which leads to Vomiting and also harmful to the fetus.

28. Brinjal

Brinjal is also known as eggplant which mainly gets cooked in Indian homes regularly. It is good for health but for pregnant women, Brinjal is a very harmful vegetable because it is used in amenorrhoea premenstrual to continue its regularity. In the early days, Brinjal was used to maintain irregularities of menstrual. If anybody takes brinjal for a continuous one year, their irregular menstrual can become regular.

29. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a cause of miscarriage and stillbirth. Alcohol in the mother’s blood passes through the umbilical cord. And it can be the reason for a baby’s intellectual disabilities also.

30. Undercooked Meat and poultry

Meat is good food for women but while pregnant they should avoid undercooked meat and poultry because it may contain Listeria bacteria which may cause food poisoning, Vomiting, miscarriage, and fetal damage.

By Punit