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In the last few decades, fintech, or financial technology has been used to describe the digitization of back-end systems and also processes at reputed financial companies like banks. However, the context of fintech has inclusively transformed and moved toward consumer-oriented services.

With the support of a fintech software development company and its services, businesses may shift their focus to investment management, retail banking, education, and non-profit fundraising. 

Currently, fintech is a cross-sector and all-inclusive concept that focuses on using tech solutions like custom software apps and algorithms. It also strengthens financial procedures. 

Digital finance and business transaction

These fintech software development services lead to seamless digital finance and business transactions. Statista says that the fintech sector will grow by $305 billion by 2025, as more financial companies invest in fintech software solutions that are tailored to their needs.

If we are talking about businesses and consumers, they securely and efficiently manage their financial operations due to advanced fintech software apps. 

Modern technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain are being used in fintech mobile apps and websites. This is taking them to the next level.

The fintech industry, especially in the United States, is the main force behind the financial technology revolution.

Because demand for fintech solutions is always growing, there are a lot of companies that make fintech apps.

Best Fintech Software Development Companies in the USA

After a lot of research, the best fintech software development companies in the US were found. This helped businesses decide what to do. These companies help businesses of all sizes and do a great job.

1. 10Pearls

10Pearls focuses on big and advanced technology. Our culture of innovation makes it easy for our team to come up with and build mobile apps and custom software for the long term. Let’s develop something together!

The world of technology is constantly evolving and that is reflected in our work. 10Pearls has a complete set of services for making applications and software, and we would love to work with you.


Innovation: Creating new digital goods (web and mobile) at the intersection of future markets, customer experience, and new technology.

Augmentation: Adding skills to your team, such as to speed up the processes of development, QA/testing, data analytics, UX/UI, and product management

Modernization: Re-architecting old technology to make it faster, more scalable, safer, and better for users.

Digitalization: Using innovative and easy-to-use digital solutions to automate business processes that were once done by hand and were inefficient.

Solutions: Online and mobile development, quality control, security, DevOps and SecOps, and emerging technologies like AI, IoT, voice & language processing, and chatbots are all covered.

Data and information: Augmented and virtual reality


  • Founded in 2004
  • Details: $50,000+
  • 1,000 – 9,999
  • $25 – $49 / hr

2. eBizneeds

eBizneeds has been solving software problems and making great user experiences since the digital age was termed “new media.” Innovators are the ones who ride the waves of each new technological frontier. It is supported by a super-talented team of experienced developers, designers, and marketing experts. 

It has long-term relationships with customers who love the company, and we love them back.

However, the real miracle is in the digital music library’s size. From making software, AI, and apps to marketing, it is with you every step of the way. Yes, you get one person to guide, develop a relationship with, and ensure that all your IT development needs are met with care and style. 

From the initial spark of a concept to build your brand and put it on the market, we are here for you.

Our team of dedicated developers has shown that they know how to make great apps and software.


  • Founded 2002
  • < $25 / hr
  • $5,000+
  • 50 – 249

3. iTechArt Group

With the assistance of top-notch engineering skills, you can get trending software solution. Since 1996, iTechArt has helped venture-backed startups and established businesses to find the technical expertise they require to improve their speed and scale. 

With more than 3,500 engineers, professionals, and other experts on staff, iTechArt has helped clients like Classpass, Freshly, and Dealcloud to get more than $13 billion in acquisitions and 21 initial public offerings (IPOs).

No matter what you want to do with your project, our teams have the stack fluency and profound expertise to make your solution into a reality. We build a long-term partnerships and provide solutions that are as durable and safe as they are new.

Our services

  • Technical consulting
  • frontend and backend code
  • mobile code
  • cloud code
  • Development of the user interface and user experience
  • Integration services
  • QA and testing
  • Optimization and fine-tuning
  • Security and Compliance

Expertise in the following industries:

  • Fintech, Healthtech
  • E-commerce
  • Gaming, Marketing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Insurance
  • Edtech
  • Non-Profit

Awards of company:

  • The winner of the 2022 Gold Stevie®
  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Salesforce Consulting Partner
  • AWS Consulting Partner


  • $25,000+
  • Founded in 2002
  • 1,000 – 9,999
  • $50 – $99 / hr

4. Avanade

Avanade is a global consulting firm that has existed for more than 20 years. It offers top IT advisory services that focus on the Microsoft platform. The company works with all kinds of industries, like banking, manufacturing, retail, and health care, and gives companies the best options for developing fintech apps.

Their experts and consultants know how to influence individuals and microsoft to solve core business problems. Through growth-driven app development services, Avanade’s only goal is to make a real human difference for its clients and staff.

At Avanade, we aim to be the top online innovator by getting results for our clients and their customers using the power of individuals and the Microsoft ecosystems. We’ve transformed how companies work in the virtual environment via hundreds of initiatives. 

Here we have assisted them in making their customers’ and employees’ interactions more engaging. We’ve cut costs, increased productivity, made working together easier, and made the company more flexible.


  • Founded 2000
  • $200 – $300 / hr
  • 10,000+

5. Sidebench

Sidebench is a Los Angeles-based strategy, design, and development firm that has won awards for its work. We help innovative enterprise companies and top new ventures with a marketing plan. 

We do this by providing clients with the potential benefits of consulting companies and seasoned pioneers, the technical know-how of professional data and system design, and the UX-first methodology, which is used by one of the top product design teams worldwide.

Recent Awards and Recognition:

  • Fast Company’s Best Places to Work for Creative People
  • 5000 of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies (6x: 2022, 2021, 2020, 1817, and 2017)
  • Built-in to LA’s 2022 Best Places to Work
  • America’s Most Innovative Businesses according to Entrepreneur Magazine (3 times)
  • Fast Company’s Best Apps & Games, W3 Awards (2 x Gold Awards and 1 x Silver)


  • Founded 2012
  • $100 – $149 / hr
  • $50,000+
  • 50 – 249

6. Metova

Metova offers businesses a wide range of digital transformation solutions that help them to find new opportunities and become more competitive. We help our clients find new business models, technology trends, and customer behaviors and make the most of them. 

We can help our clients stay ahead of the curve and reach their goals because we know a lot about digital strategy and new ideas.

Metova’s services are tailored to meet our clients’ product and innovation needs. This leads to business-critical applications that drive revenue growth, production performance, customer base, and customer satisfaction.

Our Offerings:

  • Product Ideation: This includes scoping sessions, the product development process, and making a minimum viable product.
  • Development: We provide solutions in UX/UI design, AI, web, and mobile development.
  • Product Improvement: As part of our services, we often do coding audits and UX assessments.

Our tech stack is:

  • Frontend and backend development: We use popular technologies like React, Next.JS, Angular, Due, Webflow, Node.js, Python, and Django.
  • Mobile app development: React Native and Flutter are among the things we know how to do.
  • Cloud Systems: We’ve previously worked with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Why Choose Us?

Process-driven: We do everything in a structured way that ensures it’s done well, quickly, and without any debt.

Technical Excellence: Our agile engineering practices make sure that software is well-made, of high quality, and consistent, while still being flexible enough to meet changing needs.

Work with the Best Developers: We only hire the best developers in the world. They are based in North America and have worked in many fields for years.

Whole Transparency: For total transparency, we believe in clear communication, project management, and budgeting.

Partnership & Advisory: Throughout your project, our world-class leadership team provides thought leadership, domain expertise, and product ownership, delivering quality and speed that can’t be beat.


  • Founded 2006
  • $100 – $149 / hr
  • 50 – 249
  • $50,000+

7. Clarion

Clarion Technologies assists small and medium-sized enterprises in developing software products and solutions. By assembling a top-notch team, Clarion focuses on a committed team of virtual workers from all over the globe. 

During the last 20 years, we have recently performed projects for over 1100 SME customers with the aid of our virtual employees. These virtual workers possess the abilities, expertise, and dedication you want in your developers.

People who create financial software can improve and automate more of it with the help of AI, machine learning, and big data. To guarantee that the system or software fits precisely, our developers of fintech software collaborate with multiple agencies to learn what the organization needs and desires.

They provide new information about the financial and banking industries. At both the front end and the back end, they work on responses and make any necessary adjustments.

For example, a client wanted an Android app to let people apply for loans and keep track of those applications.


  • Founded in 2000
  • Employees range from 250 to 999.
  • Hourly rate: $25-$50 per hour

8. Possumus

We think that digitalization helps the world change and brings people and businesses together, which makes their growth easier. We focus on innovation in everything we do, and we do this by putting people and technology together in an intelligent way.

Our approach is based on careful digitalization processes that lead to technological solutions for all businesses. Focusing on design and ease of use, we work with our clients to make high-quality software products that address digital transformation.

We design digital products and services with the user experience in mind.


  • Founded in 2005
  • $10,000+
  • 50 – 249
  • $25 – $49 / hr

9. Virtusa

For the last 25 years, Virtusa has been running. It is one of the best and most well-known fintech app development companies in the United States. It helps businesses move faster by combining deep industry knowledge with the latest technology. 

With a robust ecosystem of partnerships that includes fintech partnerships, they give their clients the power to disrupt, unlock, and change by working with today’s top technology leaders.

The group’s goal is to make the financial institutions of today the market leaders of tomorrow. It works with the most important financial institutions to put in place services and solutions that are at the cutting edge of fintech development.


  • Founded 1993
  • $1,000+
  • 1,000 – 9,999
  • < $25 / hr

10. Softtek

Softtek has helped large banks worldwide keep up with the latest technology trends for more than 35 years. In the banking and finance industry, their skills include IT infrastructure support management models and the creation of multiple platforms, such as digital marketing, advanced analytics, fintech, and open banking solutions.

Softtek offers a wide range of specialized services and solutions for people with a lot of knowledge and experience in banking. These services and solutions are used to power new banking models clients have asked for and are needed in a changing business and technology environment.


  • Founded in 1982
  • Hourly rate: $25-$49 per hour
  • Employees: 10,000+


Businesses often don’t know how to choose the best fintech app development company in the United States or other countries. But we hope the list of the 10 most popular fintech software development companies will help business owners choose the best company. 

Businesses should think about a few important things when looking for a company to provide fintech solutions. Also, it would be wise to find out how much it costs to develop fintech software before hiring dedicated developers.

It is best to get in touch with a well-known company that makes fintech mobile apps to take advantage of the growing popularity of fintech apps. Professionals from a leading organization are the only ones who can help you find the best solution.