A professional plasterer will build and improve floors, walls, and ceilings with creative and decorative features. If you want to have an optimal value for your money as well as the aesthetic value for your property, then finding the right plasterer is paramount. Here are a few tips and advice for finding a good plasterer.

Finding A Good Plasterer

To find a good plasterer is important as this is certainly not a DIY project. It is a highly skilled trade and requires lots of specific tools, techniques, and scaffolding. Poor plaster work by any amateur and cheap service will prove expensive later on. Therefore, always hire the right professional in one go.

You can look for recommendations given by your friends, family, or neighbors. Look for companies that have lots of positive and encouraging reviews. You can also check their past work from the company websites.

Questions to Ask

Formulate and ask a few specific questions to the plasterer such as:

  • Whether they have undertaken any similar project in the past or present.
  • Are they specialized in a particular type of plastering like coving, lime plastering, and rendering?
  • Do they have an NVQ or City and Guilds certification in plastering?
  • How long have they been in the plastering business and much more?

It is important that you hire a friendly and safe professional as most plastering jobs will require visiting your home for more than a day. You must check from previous customers as to how satisfied they are with their service. Whether or not furniture and flooring were covered during the process and how comfortable they were with the professionals in the house.

Where can you find

To find a plasterer you do not have to run from pillar to post. Personal recommendation is the best way to find them. You can also check several online forums and trade websites but most importantly inspect their recent work before you hire them.

As plastering is a messy job there will be splatters left on the floor and walls and even on your furniture if not covered properly. Therefore, when you look at their quality of work also make sure to find out how tidy and proficient they are in it. Do they clean up after their service?

The Cost Facto

If you are wondering how much it will cost, you to hire a plasterer then you must know that different companies follow different pricing policies. Few plasterers will work on a supply basis while others may work on a fixed rate. In addition to that, there may be few companies that will charge you on part supply or labor the only basis. These companies will provide you with a lump sum estimate.

However, you must check this estimate to see whether it has proper breakups to be self-explanatory. Make sure that there will be no surprise addition in the end. Ideally, a plasterer will charge you on the prevailing market rate and therefore a little bit of research on this matter is required.

Finding A Good Plasterer

Tips and Checklist to Follow

Do not take talks of a plasterer at face value. Always get at least three different quotes for better comparisons. Apart from that make sure you find out the following:

  • How long the job will take to finish and how many plasters will it take.
  • Are they insured, and can they provide a certificate and reference? What is their guarantee?

Few Don’ts

You should never hire a plasterer who has not served for at least 4 years in the industry. You should also not hire tradesmen that offer DIY type services as they are certainly not professional. Lastly, do not let the price be the only deciding factor for your choice.

By Punit