HONOR Magic 5 Pro Camera

What are your demands for a smartphone? We know the answer of most people. It is a good camera. With technological advancement, our smartphones also need a little bit of upgrading. So, why not look out for smartphones with advanced cameras and pleasing effects? Still in search of such a smartphone? We have figured this out for you all, and Honor Magic 5 Pro is the smartphone you have been looking for and you do not know about it. Some of the features of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro camera are listed in this blog for you all.

Honor Magic 5 Pro camera:

Honor Magic 5 Pro has an advanced camera setup. First, how is the camera designed and shaped at the back of the phone? 

1. Main back camera:

The round-shaped triple camera setup at the back of the phone just adds perfect beauty to the overall smartphone design. 

The features of the Honor Magic 5 Pro camera are:

The main triple camera at the back has one primary camera, which is 50MP with a 1/1.12 sensor, f/1.6-aperture lens, AF, and OIS. 

The ultra-wide camera also has a 50MP sensor, an f/2.0 aperture lens, and a 122-degree view field.

The Tele camera also has a 50MP sensor, f/3.0 aperture lens, 3.5x tele, and OIS.

The video taken by the main camera is of up to 4k resolution.

2. Selfie camera: 

Talking about the front camera is single, ultra-wide, and 12MP with f/2.4 giving a 100-degree field of view. And the videos taken by the front camera are also 4k in resolution with 30fps color effects. The selfie camera only features the HDR effect.

  • Best things about Honor Magic 5 Pro camera:
  • Maximum focus and lesser noise
  • Auto-focusing mode is always active
  • Perfect night shots 
  • A wide zoom range
  • Auto-adjustable brightness under different lighting conditions
  • Natural effects and colors to the pictures 
  • Has HDR, a flashlight, and panorama effects as well.

Honor Magic 5 Pro: A flagship phone with an amazing camera

With amazing camera features like these, Honor Magic 5 Pro is surely a strong flagship phone contender. And other features of this phone also make it a flagship which we are going to discuss briefly.

Other main features of Honor Magic 5 Pro:

Honor Magic 5 Pro is surely blessed with amazing and top-notch features, which are:

3. Screen and body:

The phone is lightweight, even with a large 6.81 inches screen making up room for an almost 90.1 screen-to-body ratio. The full-view display of the LTPO OLED screen of Honor Magic 5 Pro gives the best movie-watching experience on the phone.

4. Charging and battery:

A 5100mAh Li-Po non-removable is incorporated in this smartphone, which enables reverse wireless charging as well along with wired and wireless charging.


Hence, it is safe to say that the HONOR Magic 5 Pro camera is what you need at the moment, and it is also perfect for vloggers and photographers in their professional space. The smartphone is about to release, and you can place your order now. 

By Punit