Exercise Equipments

Getting the body and definition you want doesn’t always have to involve spending long hours in the gym. With the right exercise equipment, you can give your body the workout it needs to stay in top shape- without ever leaving your home.

If you are looking to do some intense exercise without the costly gym membership fees, here are the 5 most important pieces of home exercise equipment to add to your list.

1. Jump rope

If you want to do an easy cardio workout at home, investing in a jump rope is one of your best options. Just a few rotations with it can effectively increase your heart rate and work out your body. It’s also effective in improving your coordination.

If you are a beginner, it’s a good idea to invest in a basic jump rope. Don’t focus too much on the design or feature since you’re just starting out. Once you get the hang of it, you can buy a wire lightweight rope so you can work on your speed as well as your timing. A weighted rope, on the other hand, can improve your body’s strength.

2. Medicine and slam ball

Medicine and slam balls are good equipment for improving your core. You can throw, carry or perform your abdominal exercises with them.

Medicine balls are slightly different from slam balls in that they are more beneficial for functional training. Slam balls, on the other hand, are fit for people who are looking to improving their muscle mass and enhancing their eye-to-hand coordination. Both of these balls are great in building better cardiovascular resistance.

3. Pull up bars

Getting the best pull up bar can be one of your most important investments when it comes to fitness. It’s not too expensive and you can use it in a number of ways. If you are strong enough to perform a full pull up exercises, you can buy one that can be installed in your doorway. In case this is your first time to purchase, consider getting wall-mounted pull-up bars and some resistance bands for assistance.

In setting up your pull bar, make sure that it’s at the right height. It shouldn’t be that high to avoid hitting your head during the routine or low enough that you’re not able to suspend your body well during lifts.

4. Barbell

The barbell is the most basic piece of exercise equipment you can have at home. Despite its simplicity, it’s actually a powerful tool considering the number of exercises you can do with it.

You can do squats with it to work on your glutes. You can also use it to improve the muscles on your back as well as develop proper hip flexion. Barbells can also improve your stability and coordination so you can perform other more advanced exercises with ease.

When buying barbells, it’s a good idea to look at the quality as well as the price. Avoid buying barbells just because they are cheap. They won’t only fail you in getting the results you want but they can also put your safety at risk. Look for barbells that are sturdy and have enough diameter for your hands.

5. Kettlebell

A lot of people often overlook the benefits of adding kettle-bells to their list of must-have home exercise equipment. One good reason is that they offer movements that can also be done using dumbbells.

Kettle-bells, however, is more challenging. They are better when it comes to dynamic physical movements and fit for people who do power lifts, plus exercises and Cross-fit games. They are also a better option when it comes to targeting several large muscle groups. Kettle bell exercises can increase your heart rate as well. The moves you can do with this equipment can be good cardiovascular exercises provided that you execute the routines properly.

By Punit