Enjoying A Relaxing Holiday In Croatia

In Eastern Europe, one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Croatia. With miles upon miles of Adriatic Sea’s coastlines, who will not want to sample this great adventure? Croatia is gifted with so many islands and Dinaric Alps. These great features have made Croatia stand above her peers when it comes to holidays. Zagreb, the capital city, has so many museums not to mention the Upper Town. Dubrovnik, the main coastal town, has walls that were built in the 16th Century. These walls surround the various prehistoric sites.

There are various reasons why you have no option but choose Croatia as a holiday destination:

Holiday In Croatia

1. Coffee houses

At every turn in Zagreb, one cannot miss a café. There is a strong coffee drinking culture among the residents of this city. People on holiday are most welcome to try the coffee. It is a non-forgettable experience.

2. Cultural festivals

In the summer, one cannot miss the cultural festivals. These cultural festivals are used to showcase the music and art of the Croats. The famous festival which any holidaymaker should attend is the Dubrovnik Festival. This festival takes place around the months of July and August. As you engage in the festivals, you should grab an ice-cream. They have one of the best in Eastern Europe.

3. Mountains and National Parks

One stunning feature about Croatia is that it is gifted with a high number of mountain ranges and national parks. The national parks have waterfalls and lakes which are just too breathtaking. As a matter of fact, UNESCO has even listed Krka and Plitvice Lakes.

Mountains and National Parks

The mountain ranges of Biokovo has one of the second-highest peak in Croatia at about 1,762m. Holidaymakers who are lovers of nature trails have a lot to choose from. The trails which are zig-zagging can also be found on Vosac which is 1,422m.

Further to this, sailing in Croatia takes place in these lakes and on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

4. Beaches

One of the places one should visit while in Croatia is the pristine sandy beaches. The waters are crystal clear. In fact, word has it that there are more hidden jewels in places such as Nugal in the Mainland. In Europe, Croatia is among the few places which are sunny. In the months of May and June, one should expect 12 hours of sunshine.


5. Accessibility

The holiday spots are easy to access by air. The islands are not far apart hence one can hope from one to the other within a short time. Places like Dubrovnik can take less than 3 hours by flight from the capital Zagreb.

6. Value for money

Croatia’s currency is the Kuna. Although it has lost value against major currencies, the tourism industry has responded by slashing the prices of food, drinks, and accommodation. This initiative has cushioned the visitors against the fall in the value of the Kuna. The market is also segmented to take care of different niche markets.

Value for money

In conclusion, one should visit this holiday destination which has been ranked number 18 in the whole world. As Croatia boasts of having more than one million visitors per year, one has no reason not to be part of these statistics.