Twitter is one of the most influential social media platforms; it has a huge user base and provides a great reach to its users and content. Twitter provides a unique platform where people can voice their opinions under a limited word limit that keeps the posts to the point and attracts more attention.

Businesses use Twitter as an important part of their marketing strategy. They often embed Twitter feed on the website to attract visitors and attain a strong customer base. People often use Twitter to express their opinion regarding a product or a brand. Businesses display them on the website to win the trust of their potential customers. It also encourages users to posts tweets related to that particular brand to get a feature on the brand’s website, and eventually, it also increases brand awareness.

Why Do You Need a Twitter Wall on Your Business Website?

In this era of the internet, you must have a strong social media presence and a presentable website to attract people’s attention. Because people often determine a brand’s reputation by its social media presence and its online representation. Online representation here refers to your website, as it acts as your representative to the internet users. By embedding a Twitter wall, you can strengthen your social media presence and enhance the quality of your website.

A Twitter Wall consists of the tweets and posts that are related to your business. There are many tools available in the market that embed Twitter feed on your website. These tools help you gather all the posts related to your business from Twitter. Allows you to curate and customise them before displaying them as a single unified presentation.

Twitter Wall makes your website engaging as it displays various tweets from the user that attracts the visitor’s attention. The feed keeps the visitor engaged as he goes through the tweets and posts to understand your brand and product better.

With so many websites in the competition, it becomes necessary to enhance the user’s experience on the website by providing a lively and vibrant website. The Twitter wall helps you in that purpose as different tweets, posts and contents makes your website more attractive and increases its vibrancy.

As mentioned above, many tools provide you with the ease to embed Twitter feed on your website. Here is the list of the best tools available in the market that helps you to display Twitter feed and assist you in making your website vibrant and engaging. 

5 Wonderful Tools to Embed Twitter Feed on Your Website:

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is currently the best social media aggregator in the market. It provides a dedicated Twitter Widget that aggregates all the posts related to your business from Twitter, allows you to curate and customise them, and then displays them beautifully on your website. 

This gathers the posts using hashtags, mentions, handles, etc., hence keeping the feed related to your business. It also provides you with the feature of moderation, where you can moderate the feed that goes for display. You can restrict all irrelevant and abusive posts and keep your feed relevant to your business. Also use a profanity filter, which allows you to block posts containing mentioned keywords, and you can even block a particular Twitter handle to maintain the quality of your website.

You can even personalise your widget by changing the font size, font colour, background, banner etc. and add charm to your website. It also allows you to change the layout and template of the feed. This enhances the beauty of your website and makes it appealing to your visitor.

It is very easy to set up and use. You do not need any specialised person to run this tool. Also, it provides fresh tweets automatically; you don’t have to refresh the feed manually to get fresh content. 

2. LiveWall

LiveWall helps you to sync your Twitter handle with your website. It displays all content related to your business; it is compatible to showcase images, blogs, videos etc., that overall increases the vibrancy of your website. 

The tool also helps you with the analytics of your feed. It helps you to examine your feed, and you can conveniently make reports about your feed and make moderations on the strategy if needed. 

3. EverWall

Twitter is a free platform and hence people use it to express their thoughts and opinion. There many cases where people misuse this freedom of expression and posts unwanted content. EverWall helps you to block these abusive and spam content and keep your feed relevant to your business. 

It is a coding-free tool. Hence you don’t need any coding experience or knowledge to install and run this tool. You just need to copy the code and paste it into the website’s backend.

4. TweetBeam

TweetBeam is a tool dedicated to Twitter. It allows you to embed Twitter feed on your website and makes it alluring. You can embed the feeds from your handle and option to collect the feed from your Twitter handle. It will provide a little sneak to your Twitter presence to your visitor and spark an interest in his mind. It also provides the option to the visitor to follow you on Twitter, which eventually strengthens your social media presence.  

You can also use hashtags for fetching the feeds related to your business. It helps you in various ways, as it provides a boost to your hashtag campaign and as you feature the posts with your hashtags on your websites, it will create a buzz about your hashtag, and more people will be posting the content using the hashtag to get a feature on your website. 

5. Twitter Widgets

Twitter Widgets allows you to embed many tweets and posts related to your business on your website. You can even customise the widget and bring out your artistic side you add charm to your website. You visitor and scroll and looks for more tweets to know about your brand and its reputation.


Twitter is an effective social media platform that helps your business to grow and attain more customers. By combining it with your website, you can achieve new heights for your business. Embed Twitter feeds on your website and take your brand to the next level. The strategy can do wonders for your business and helps you to attain more brand recognition.

By Daisy Smith

I’m Daisy and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, social media, and digital marketing trends.