Can You Eat Guava During Pregnancy or Not

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One of the primary fruits that people have a confusion about is guava. They really puzzled about, that they can eat guava during pregnancy or not. Many expecting mothers do not know whether they should consume guava or keep themselves away from guava for the next ten months. The moment you get to know about your pregnancy is a period of joy. You prefer sharing the news with all your near and dear ones.

However, if you have to continue a healthy pregnancy, you have to be careful about what you eat. When you find out about your pregnancy, you can reach out to the Private Gynecology Clinic in London for proper treatment. Before that, you can go through this blog to find out if you can consume guava during pregnancy. Let’s get into the details of the blog to find out more about eating guava during pregnancy.

Benefits of guava during pregnancy

Guava is a native fruit of Central America and a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, and folate. Most people believe that guava has a positive impact on a woman’s fertility and promotes a healthy pregnancy. The components present in Guava along with its nutrients and compounds help you to stay away from several complications. The possible benefits of guava during pregnancy are listed below:

a. Rich in Nutrients

Every pregnant woman must have a high amount of Vitamin C, protein, folate, and other essential nutrients to support the development and growth of the fetus. To be precise Vitamin C helps in the optimal growth of the baby inside the womb.

Besides, it also allows for waiter absorption of iron which keeps the fetus oxygenated. During pregnancy, it is important to take an adequate amount of folate. Otherwise, it can lead to defects in the birth of the baby and spinal cord issues. A pregnant lady should consume one cup of guava every day to get 20% of folate.

b. Solve digestive issues with guava during pregnancy

Some scientific research shows that guava helps in relieving digestive issues like diarrhea, acid reflux, and constipation. All of these are common in pregnancy. However, suffering from acid reflux or constipation can affect the birth of the baby inside you. The extracts of guava leaf can eliminate the acid secretion in your stomach and prevent diarrhea.

Being a rich source of fiber, consuming one cup of guava every day is equal to eating 9 grams of fiber. The more fiber you consume the more can you prevent constipation, especially during pregnancy. Instead of eating supplements or extracts of guava, you can rely on the fresh fruit itself.

c. Reduces the risk of high blood pressure

The pregnancy journey of all women is not the same. Everybody has a different experience. Sometimes, women during pregnancy experience pre-eclampsia. This occurs due to a hike in blood pressure and leads to damage in the liver or the kidney. Scientific studies prove that the extract of guava leaves has enzymes that can lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk. However, no human studies so far have been able to prove the negative impact of guava on blood pressure.

d. Improves blood sugar

In the US, most pregnant women are affected due to gestational diabetes. When your body fails to produce enough insulin, you suffer from gestational Diabetes. This enhances the blood sugar levels in your body. When you suffer from gestational Diabetes you experience a high birth rate or early birth. Giving birth to a premature baby can have several consequences. 

How does guava help in fertility at your pregnancy?

eat guava during pregnancy

Guava contains a lot of nutrients, Vitamin C, fiber, and folate. All of this helps in boosting fertility in a woman. Scientific research and studies have proved that women who conceive high dietary folate have a better pregnancy than those who do not take it. Besides women who are planning to get pregnant but failing in their agenda should consume more vitamin C and foods rich in vitamin C. This helps to increase fertility and become pregnant soon.

Along with these make sure to maintain moderate body weight. Although no human studies could prove the connection between guava and fertility, people have seen amazing results from consuming go over during pregnancy. In addition, avoid excess consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Some precautions to take

Since pregnancy is a delicate stage, you need to be extra careful with both your food and your lifestyle. Generally, guava is considered a safe option for pregnant women. It does not cause any side effects or adverse impact on the pregnant woman and her baby or fetus inside the womb.

However, to enjoy a healthy and memorable pregnancy, go through the tips suggested below:

  • Always be mindful of what you eat and drink during your pregnancy as it can impact your baby.
  • Make sure to pay a regular visit to the doctor to monitor the condition of the baby inside.
  • Never eat or drink anything that can affect the condition of the baby.
  • Always ask about a proper diet that you can follow during your pregnancy.
  • If you are concerned about your and your baby’s health, insure to engage in some light physical activities like brisk walking, yoga, and meditation.
  • Do not forget to take your medicine and supplements at the right time.
  • Make sure to have a happy and positive mindset. Having a gloomy and irritated mood can impact the health of the baby. Besides, you will not enjoy your pregnancy as well.


Now that you have a detailed idea about eating guava during pregnancy, you can go ahead with the fruit and enjoy it. Make sure to consult with a private gynecologist in London to get better results. In case you suffer from any issues, do not hesitate to reach out to the gynecologist.