Update Your Bathroom

Bathrooms, like our bodies, have time stamps on them. What looks cool today would look woefully outdated five years from now on. Also, as the bathrooms get older, then can pose trouble. You may no longer have enough room to keep all your toiletries. If you are facing similar problems, then it’s time to upgrade your bathroom. Here is a list of a number of simple ways that you can employ to make your bathroom look and feel better than ever:

1. Find Space Efficient Solutions

The biggest problem with older bathrooms is a small size. You will have to struggle to keep toiletries in place. However, you can easily find storage solutions in the simplest manner with some imagination. Use an over the tub rack to keep soaps and shampoo when bathing. Use a drawer organizer to keep cosmetics and other items separate in the sink drawers. You can use a retractable mirror is the bathroom is too small for a big one. Likewise, stock your bathroom with space-efficient furniture to make it more easy to use.

2. Paint Prominent Power Outlets

Older bathrooms often have prominent power outlets that can ruin the overall design. You can simply paint over to match the outlets to the wall design. There, the problem solved.

3. Use Unique Toiletry Holders

Are you worried about not having enough money to buy those chic-looking expensive toiletry holders? Don’t bother. With some imagination, you can create unique toiletry holders. If you have serving trays and items you never use in the kitchen, you can easily use them to hold toiletries in the bathroom. Have unused sugar cube holders? Then you have an elegant cotton swab holder. If you have an extra novelty mug, you will have a unique toothbrush holder.

4. A Basket of Toilet Paper

Where to keep the extra toilet paper can be a headache-inducing problem with older bathrooms. You can keep toilet paper rolls inside a woven basket. It will be a unique addition to the overall style. Also, you can use a tall, transparent vase to make a modern toilet paper roll holder.

5. Buy New Ventilation Equipment

Older bathrooms can be a nightmare to use in winter without proper ventilation. Therefore, if the ventilation system is outdated, spend some money fixing it. Buy an energy-saving and more efficient heat lamp for example. Your bathroom must be livable above all after all.

6. Hang Up Art

Want to make your older bathroom look more elegant like any other room in your house? Then hand up some artworks to match the wall color. You can stare at the art when you are using the bathroom. Art can definitely make an unassuming room like the bathroom much more pleasant to use.

7. Find a Decorative Stand to Keep Near the Tub

If you are struggling to find a place to keep your bath salts and bubble bath solutions, get a decorative stand. You may have one lying around the house without serving any useful purpose. You can also buy a new one if you are willing to spend the money.

Last but not least, you can repaint the walls using calming colors like aqua and mild green.

By sophia

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