The users of Instagram continue to grow each day. What many are discovering is that there is great financial potential in this social media app. What far too few understand is how to manifest this. IG blogger Polina Pushkareva [@nioly] has mastered this and expanded the possibilities through her own ingenuity and curiosity. A millionaire at only twenty-three, Polina has combined knowledge of the online platform with her propensity to dissect the way humans connect and relate (Pushkareva holds a Sociology degree from St. Petersburg State University).

She is literally the definition of the realization of one’s own potential, manifesting for herself an exciting life and numerous successful business ventures via her own designs. Polina has taken the expertise she amassed from the success of her own blog as well as through assisting other bloggers and created informative courses for those seeking a new professional path, one which offers creativity, flexibility, and economic rewards.

Polina Pushkareva

Blogging is a modern profession that requires a great deal. What most of us witness on the IG accounts we follow is the creativity and musings of these entities but the success of these accounts, and the real people who are a part of them, is reliant on a proper business strategy. While still attending university and waiting tables years ago, Polina began to get unsolicited offers to grow the IG accounts of businesses.

Seeing the untapped potential of the app, she researched and developed her own system for successful growth. In the same way that she expanded her three-hundred followers into over a million, she has cultivated this growth for others. This is not organic happenstance but rather the result of promotional skills and knowledge. Pushkareva’s “Managers” is an online course that relates these strategies for blog managers who aid successful bloggers in getting “over the hump.”

She explains, “Once you reach 50,000 subscribers, it’s impossible for a single person to cope with the amount of work. My Managers course prepares these assistants in what they can do to allow bloggers to focus on their work. This can expand along with your audience. My own team of fifteen people includes an assistant, copywriters, advertising managers, designers, and managers who develop and support courses and webinars.”

Polina Pushkareva

One of the most enticing aspects of pursuing a vocation that makes use of IG is the lack of limitations. The worldwide web is ubiquitous and if one possesses the abilities to facilitate business collaboration across borders, the potential is nearly limitless. Polina has been working as a manager with American bloggers, creating her own info products and producing original online products of other bloggers for a percentage. Two of these bloggers in the US are in the 400-600 thousand subscribers range and have sought out Pushkareva’s assistance in expanding their fitness and lifestyle blog audience base.

With over one billion users on Instagram, the power in reaching followers/customers is astounding and far-reaching. Polina notes that she has been continuing her English studies and is currently in the process of creating an English language version of “Managers” and her popular marathon “Millionaires.” She communicates, “I think these informative products will be in demand in the English-speaking market. I already have experience in creating info products in the English-speaking market for American bloggers so I’ve seen the interest and the desire there. Americans haven’t fully realized the potential for monetizing Instagram but they are excited to learn how to do so.”

By Punit