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What Exactly liveme is?

Liveme is a social platform that allows young users to broadcast or watch live videos. Feeds can feature everything that the user wants to see. The users can post comments and interact with people who uploaded videos.

How you can use this app?

You just have to press certain buttons to watch to come live.

You have to post, like, comments daily. If people like your broadcast they will send you various gifts. These gifts convert to actual money.

It takes time to get famous. Some people take years while some do not get famous. 

Can you earn money via this app?

On this app you can exchange products along with earning. You can sell whatever you want.

Different ways to earn money

1. Maintaining good follower reach

The main key to earn money on social media platforms is to maintain good followers and reach as well. Always interact with your audience. Respond to their comments. See what type of content they are expecting from you and make that type of content. 

2. Become a VIP Broadcaster

Liveme offers a VIP program that allows broadcasters to earn virtual gifts from their viewers. There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow, if you want to become the VIP.

3. Brand partnerships

Once you have a respectable number of followers, then you can ask the brands to sponsor you. Many companies does collaboration with Instagram influencers just to promote their products.

4. Affiliate marketing

It allows broadcasters to join their affiliate links in their bio. You can earn commission through affliate marketing. Choose the services that are relevant to your content which helps you to increase your earnings. 

5. Paid promotions

As your Liveme account grows, you can start offering paid promotions to other broadcasters or brands. This can include the promotion of any brand, shoutouts, and giveaways. You can ask them for money according to your followers and reach. 

Live Me

Is this app appropriate for children

The terms and conditions of this app say that only 18+ can be allowed to use this app. 

Daily Live streaming can be risky, especially for children who tend to do inappropriate things to avoid being boring and also to get more likes and comments. Buying someone can also be a big concern, as one can interact with others in real-time. 

It’s also possible to view inappropriate content on other people’s live videos or send them as links/ comments.

As for privacy, it is practically non-existent. 

 On the other end, getting ”gifts” and money from strangers raises some moral questions if broadcasters are minors.

How to protect children from the same.

As there are a lot of concerns about using this app, parents should think twice before allowing their children to use it. If parents are saying okay to the app, they should put some terms and conditions in front of their children:- 

  • Always have a word with your child about the negative aspects of this app. 
  • Check regularly what your child is doing on this app.
  •  Turn off location services
  • Teach your kids how to control their privacy and not reveal too much information on this site. 


You have to make money anyhow in the end. Whether it is through fan following or exchanging of products. 

Initially, it might seems difficult to earn good amount of money. Using the google anybody could get good traffic on their blogs and people also gets encourage in your blogs. that will make money for years to come.