Double coated film tape is strong and flexible. It is the most preferred adhesive for packaging material. The tape is heavily coated with a solvent that easily melts when used for packaging.  Further, it features a liner with excellent track adhesion. The tape has enough strength and is temperature resistant. This feature makes it the most ideal solution for bonding two surfaces. It can be used for mounting and joining surfaces. 

Double-Coated Film Tape

The double coated film tape can be put to various uses. You may use it for joining and fastening different surfaces. The tapes are lowly priced and easier to use compared to the traditional fasteners.

The double-coated film tape is easy to use and forms a permanent bond. You can use it on banners, nameplates, and mounting emblems. You can also use it on window blinds and light signs. The tapes are hand tearable and suitable for use on regular and irregular surfaces. Continue reading to see the importance of using double-coated film tape for packaging. 

Provide Long-Lasting Packaging Solutions

The double-coated tapes feature a stronger carrier layer on which adhesive film is applied. The tape is applied at the top and bottom side of the layer. They are available in different designs to meet different packaging needs. There are the narrow tapes that are suitable for bonding light materials and the wider tape for commercial use. Such tapes can be used to glue heavy materials and large work pieces together.  They are easy to remove and residual adhesive that remains can be wiped off using heat or solvents. 

Can Be Applied On Plastics/Rubber Or Wood

The double-coated film tapes can be applied on a variety of materials including rubber, wooden, and plastic surfaces. They are stronger and temperature resistant, thus, are suitable for permanent bonding. Double coated films are ideal replacements for bolts, welds, rivets, and other mechanical fasteners. The adhesives have no compatibility problems and can easily bond two dissimilar materials such as rubber, plastics, and wood together. In addition, they can be used on light and thin materials.

Can Be Used To Prevent Noise and Moisture

The double film-coated tapes can be used to seal surfaces and provide a barrier to moisture, sound, and liquid penetration. They are easier to use and take a short period to assemble. Besides, they remove distortions, and do not require fasting.

They Are Versatile

The double-coated film tapes are versatile and can bond on a variety of substrates. They can be used to provide both temporary and permanent solutions on almost all surfaces. They can be put to a wide range of applications and are designed to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry.

They Are Clean Replacements for Liquid Glue

Glue sticks and liquid glues have for many years been used for joining substrates and other materials.  But the smearing and dripping left on the surfaces are always unpleasant to the eye. But the double-coated adhesive tape is clean and neat.  Also, using adhesive tapes requires that you only cut the tape after you bond the pieces together. It reduces waste and the smearing associated with liquid glue.

It Is Cheap

The demand for double-sided film tape is continuing to grow across the globe because it is cheaper and does a better job compared to liquid glue. Moreover, the materials used in its manufacturing are easily available, hence the low pricing of the final product. The tapes can also be put to a wide range of applications since they can be applied on different materials. In addition, tearing and cutting it to the desired size is easy and less strenuous.

Serves As An Additional Security

Packaging items in transit is a delicate exercise that requires time and care. If the products will be transported over a long distance, you must enhance the security using the double coated film tape.  Thus, the double-coated film tape is ideal for packaging products on transit. You can use it to fix the flaps of the packaging materials to further protect the contents.

For Decorative Purposes

The double-coated adhesives will not just enable you to package products safely, but also make the packaging look attractive. It allows for creativity including fixing ornaments on the package.

The use of double-coated tape is thus continuing to grow thanks to the many advantages it comes with. It can be applied on a wide range of substrates that includes plastics, wood, and even metallic surfaces. It is cheap and enhances the security of the packaged items

By Punit