Django is a framework associated with some advantages and difficult moments. However, it solves many site problems and makes it the most-wanted tool for website development in the modern world.

Why Should You Create a Site with Django?

There are many frameworks for web development, so why should you create a site on Django? First and foremost, the framework uses Python as the base – the most readable and convenient programming language. The second advantage of apps built with Django – they can cope with many tasks and load quickly.

There is also one more advantage you should remember – you do not need to worry that updating one library or infrastructure will render other installed applications useless. Several external libraries can be used to improve your site if you need to add different functions. Django lets you build complex websites with easy-to-use tools.

Advantages of Django

The main advantage of Django is that it is freely available, which significantly simplifies the process of web development. It is an effective solution for web development and a convenient platform for interaction with clients and developers. 

Using Django Opens Up the Following Possibilities:

Operative work. When developing this tool, its creators pursued one goal: to create a framework for the fastest possible creation of web applications in the Python language. As a result, the framework saves time and resources at the goal formulation, development, and release stage of the project, etc. Thus, it is an ideal solution for cases when the deadline is a priority.

Advanced equipment. The framework can boast an impressive list of additional functions that simplify user authentication processes, site maps, RSS, administration, etc.

High level of security. By choosing Django, you protect yourself from such common threats to the project as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, clickjacking, etc. With a goal. The user authentication system is used to increase the efficiency of user logins and passwords as a key.

Scalability capabilities. Django can work both with limited projects and with high traffic indicators.

Multifunctionality. The framework can solve various tasks: servicing large organizations, ensuring the operation of computing platforms, content management, etc.

Forget about Using Django if:

  • You have gathered developers with a high level of qualification in the field of design and architecture;
  • You actively use methods of joint work;
  • You feel confident that you can achieve high-quality project implementation without Django;
  • You have resources and financial resources at your disposal that allow you to use more advanced stack technologies.

Django Projects for Beginners You Can Easily Create

You cannot do with Django if you specialize in outsourcing and the average project is implemented within a maximum of a year while the budget is low, and the deadlines are minimal. The benefits are already in doubt if you work with a large active project. In any case, one should remember the balance. Plus, remember that you can use the framework only for part of the project or use individual components of Django.

1. Online Clothing Store with Payment Option

The idea: the ability to create online stores is a sought-after skill. Such a web application assumes the possibility of making purchases, so you will have to configure the payment module for processing transactions.

2. Interactive Maps

Idea: interactive map with animation using various data. This is quite a difficult task since the appearance must change by the user’s actions.

3. Social Network on Django

The idea: a social network is a platform that allows people to communicate, make friends, and express their thoughts using text, pictures, etc. When creating a social network, you should consider using data security because they will use the application for personal correspondence.

4. Analog to Pinterest on Django

The idea is to develop a beautiful application where users can demonstrate their talents by posting photos, paintings, etc. Users should be able to like posts and subscribe to authors to see their latest works in the feed.

5. News Generator App 

Idea: You can create a news aggregator using a web crawler. The news aggregator will help collect data or news articles from several sites.

6. Navigation Application

Idea: You can create a navigation app that uses a map to measure the distance between two places and display the shortest route. Navigation is used in food delivery applications, and it can also provide ways to the nearest stores.

7. Application for Making Tests

Idea: a site where the user can play a quiz. You will need to add several questions to the test, after which the user will pass it and send the result. In the end, we have to calculate the points for the test.

8. Blog

Idea: a blog site is an excellent project for your portfolio. Think over the site’s design to correspond to a specific topic. You can also add administrator functionality and the ability to leave comments.

9. Content Management System

Idea: try to create your own CMS on Django! You can start small and then gradually add modules, increasing the functionality.

10. Video Chats

The idea: a web application where you can find friends and make video calls. Working on this application, you will learn how to implement video streaming. It will be interesting!

See, it is easy to use Django for specialists of different levels: those who have just started their journey in creating web applications and advanced developers. Django CMS is straightforward to use, highly reliable, and a modern way of web development. If you need a modern and multifunctional site, Django will be an ideal choice. 

Remember that serious projects require more attention and knowledge of the program. If you want to find a reliable web developer, the SECL Group team successfully develops sites of any complexity on Django. We produce various sites: from sales landing pages to detailed online stores and corporate sites, with technical solutions. Оur technical support is ready to provide all the necessary information about which program will best suit your project and how to implement it.

By Punit