What To Look For In A Divorce Law Firm Solicitor

Divorce Law Firm Solicitor
Divorce Law Firm Solicitor

Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. Sounds simple but it involves the complicated distribution of assets and liabilities and in most cases, is a very emotional affair. Finding a good divorce solicitor can mean the difference between a fair divorce settlement and getting nothing of what was accumulated during the marriage.

So what do you need to look for when choosing a divorce firm solicitor? Below are 5 tips to help you find the right fit:

1. Specialist Divorce Solicitor

Start by looking for solicitors who specialise in the field of divorce law and don’t diversify in other areas of the law. A specialist divorce attorney is an expert in family law and has the experience and skill to negotiate on the behalf of their clients regarding different aspects of the divorce including distribution of property, child custody, child maintenance, spousal maintenance, alimony and so on. Simply visit the website of a potential divorce solicitor to find out what areas of the law they practice in.

2. Schedule An Appointment

Make an appointment with at least three potential options for a divorce solicitor. Have a set of questions ready and record the consultation. This will allow you to save time and provide you with all the information needed to make a comparison later on. Compare rates as well as what the solicitor had to say you should expect from the divorce. Remember that a divorce is emotional and you may also want to ensure that you feel comfortable with and trust the solicitor of your choice. However, expertise and experience should be the most important consideration over personal feelings every time.

3. Experience

An experienced lawyer is far more likely to provide sound legal advice while being able to negotiate a settlement to the advantage of their client. They will go to battle for you and not compromise even if it means that the case will need to go to court. This said, it is important that both you and your solicitor understand your goals and are clear on points that you are not willing to compromise on and those that you are. Even if you are at fault in causing the divorce, an experienced solicitor will be able to ensure a fair settlement relative to the unique circumstances of your case.

4. Red Flags

Watch out for solicitors that offer the world but are unable to live up to their promises. Be realistic and ensure that the solicitor you choose is also being realistic. Although this may mean lowering your expectations of what you are likely to receive from the settlement, your lawyer should think with a rational and clear mind while you are experiencing the emotional turmoil associated with divorce.

5. Focus

Choose a solicitor who will give you and your divorce case the attention that it deserves. Choose a law firm that isn’t overloaded with cases but has the staff complement to ensure that every aspect of your case has been taken into account. If a solicitor is constantly answering calls and distracted during a consultation, then they are probably too busy to focus on your case. Also, measure how long it takes a solicitor to respond to your telephone calls or emails. The faster they respond, the more focused they are on your case.


Don’t rush the decision to choose a divorce law firm solicitor. Take the time to make the best choice to suit your needs. At the end of the day, it is not just legal fees and reaching a quick divorce settlement that is at stake but your future.