Angry Partner

Human emotions are psychological emotions that have different mood swings. Anger is a natural emotion and obviously like every other emotion it is okay to express this one as well. In a relationship, it is very easy to get angry at each other due to some reasons and it is normal too. But what we need to take care of is when a person goes out of control. There are different techniques that you can use to make your partner comfortable and to reduce their anger. You just need to take care of certain points.

1.) Do not lose control

In this situation, you should be as calm as you can be. You have to be patient and take care of the words that you use with your partner. You should not say or use any words that can worsen the situation. Make sure you are neutral, even sweeter while you are talking to your partner. Love is the purest form of emotion and it is greater than all emotions. Use the language of love to calm their anger.

2.) Analyze yourself

You need to first analyze yourself and your behavior. You need to question yourself about the things that you are doing right now. Are the things fine enough? Or it may provoke the anger of your partner. This is the natural tendency that your partner will blame you or the other person because of their outbursts. You need to be very careful to not absorb all the blame on yourself.

3.) Passion and Compassion

Anger is just like any negative emotion. Emotions such as fear, sadness, or pain can affect your partner. Similarly, in the long run, it will hurt your partner from within. It is very important to have compassion towards your partner. Show them your love, care, and understanding. The blame and accusation are natural but it is how you deal with it.

4.) If things heat up, walk away.

Just talk to each other when you both are comfortable and calm. When the person is angry at an extreme level and is not ready to understand, you should walk away. Sometimes, walking away becomes a solution. You should be aware of the fact that in anger you cannot expect logic and better judgment. If you expect logic, then it might worsen the situation.

5.) Talk to them properly when they are calm

It is very important in a relationship that you should talk about things that you feel are not right. When your partner is fine and charged, just talk to them about the issues that you face when they are in anger. Do not allow that discussion to get worse. Just point out your point and establish a good rational discussion.

6.) Establish some boundaries

You need to make sure that you are having some boundaries. Just tolerate the things that are on the mild level. When things go extreme, speak up and put your point. Sometimes, during anger, the person does not realize the boundaries and can speak up about things that can eventually hurt the other person. You should understand the difference between mild and extreme levels. You should know about things and understand your zone and the level of anger that you can handle. If things go worse, then speak up and let your partner know that their words are hurting you.

By kamlesh