Desserts To Dip In Chocolate

Valentines is around the corner and our love for sweets like cranberry puddings and cakes is irresistible.

Chocolate is more than an ingredient. We use it in preparation but also in garnishing and sprinkling up recipes. Ask any chef, chocolate always has a special place in cuisine books.

Not just for its flavor and health properties but Chocolate is known for its sheer versatility, aroma and magnetism as a food.

Being such a low maintenance food, it is easy to recreate delicious sweet treats by spilling some chocolate. Here we list 10 amazing dessert ideas that would leave you lip-smacking and drool you for more –

1. Apple wedges:

Apples dipped in chocolate is a real treat.

If you’re planning to indulge in some healthy yet tasty delight, just cut some apple wedges and pour some dark chocolate syrup on it. I am sure there is nothing like it for a health dessert.

Enjoy it with your main meals or whenever you like.

2. Chips:

How often you love grabbing a bag of chips?

Or often lye leisurely, not knowing what to do? I tell you what.

Simply hit the kitchen and pick the bottle of chocolate cream. Add some sass to your tangi-tomato chips by dipping them in chocolate and discover the new taste.

This is a perfect snack to serve for a get together or a small party. A no-frill dessert and hardly takes any time to prepare.

3. Cookies:

Dip some gluten free cookies in dark chocolate, and savour this delicious delight.

Cookies and chocolates are one of the most heavenly combinations. You won’t need a dip to go with the cookies, because what’s better than the chocolate?

Some thick chocolate on cocoa flavor is a treat anytime.

4. Strawberries:

Strawberries are healthy and flavorsome.

When you can’t think of anything else, strawberries come to your respite. When dipped in chocolate, it tastes even more heavenly.

Strawberries are the perfect twin to chocolate. You may not try it often, simply because one is fruit and other is whole food but It is a perfect dessert to delight in.

Try it this weekend, it looks absolutely fancy and tastes beyond amazing!

5. Creamy Red Wine Hot Chocolate:

This one is a little different. We all love creamy hot chocolate. Isn’t it?

How about adding some red wine to it? Trust me it’s out of this world. Let me elaborate on its recipe –

Mingle chocolate and milk together in a saucepan. 2. Add some cocoa powder to the mixture.

Boil them for some time in medium heat. 4. Keep stirring it till you get a creamy and smooth mixture.

You can also blend a touch of vanilla extract to it. 6. Intermix the ingredients well using a blender.

Serve it in small mugs. There it is, your creamy red wine hot chocolate!

6. Gluten-free pretzels:

Snacks never tasted so good before! The combination of pretzels and chocolates provides with a unique sweet-salty flavor, which tastes awesome.

Once you will try this, you won’t be able to get enough of this yummy treat.

7. Cherries:

It is yet another tiny and tasty fruit which tastes extremely good when dipped in chocolate.

This can be one of the most romantic and seductive food items. Not just it enhances the flavor of the usual chocolate but creates a strong essence of what Cherries are on tongue.

Or try this amazing salted caramel hot chocolate recipe.

8. Gluten-free banana bread marshmallow Sandwiches:

Simply cut a gluten free banana bread into two halves and toss a marshmallow between it.

When you get something like that of a pie shape, dip it into chocolate and freeze it.

Voila, your heavenly sandwich is all ready. We have tasted something like this when we were kids, so why not relive your childhood?

9. Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes:

Well, chocolate can be dipped in almost every food item to boost up its taste.

Same goes with gluten free peanut butter cupcakes when you smirk it in chocolate. It helps in  decorating it along with intensifying its taste.

10. Fruit popsicles:

Ever tried making popsicles using frozen fruits?

If you haven’t already, then you must give it a try. Give it the taste of a chocolate ice cream by dipping it in chocolate.

I am sure you’ll love the all new tangy taste of fruits and chocolate.

11. Dry fruits:

This might be something that you have never heard before!

But this is something which is definitely one of the combinations which is a bang on. Dry fruits like almond, walnuts, cashews or dishes made of dry fruits, they pair surprising well with chocolate.

You must have tried tasty nut chocolates but how about tweaking it a little for fresh flavor?

Now, that you know some of your favorite foods to dip in chocolate, why not try some unique snacking options?

By Andrew