To work as a graphic designer and to be successful in this sector requires expertise and experience. Professionals use sophisticated and professional programs, such as Adobe Suite software, including Photoshop for photo editing and Illustrator for vector graphics. If this sector fascinates you and before embarking on a serious career in the world of design and advertising graphics, you want to try to make some experiments without commitment, we suggest you read our in-depth analysis on the best software for online graphics.

On the net, you can find some free graphics programs that will allow you to create free images for social media, but also free graphics for flyers and business cards.

In short, even if you are not yet a professional, know that by selecting the right resources, you will be able to create free graphics images of level and quality.

Since you are not yet a magician of advertising graphics, we offer you two easy-to-use free online graphics programs.

As we have already told you, use these free graphics software for your personal projects. For example, to create engaging and original posts to put on your Facebook profile, to create the image of an event you are organizing with your gym mates or to make business cards for you or your friends.

For many other more important projects, it is good to turn to graphics agencies that have internal staff who know how to use professional design software and can give you the guarantee of an excellent result.

Coming back to us, let’s see what the main features and functionalities of the two programs we have selected for you, namely DesignCap and Crello are.

DesignCap: the easy and free online graphics software

DesignCap vs Crello Online Graphics Software

DesignCap is a free, simple, and intuitive online graphics software. This is designed to facilitate bloggers and influencers in creating images for social networks. Directly through the web application, it is possible to purchase paid graphics, for the premium version, to create even more professional images.

To become familiar with this program, you will really need just a few minutes. You will be able to create engaging and well-made images immediately. DesignCap provides ready-made layouts and templates, which you can customize in colors, texts, and images.

If you’re wondering what you can do with DesignCap, here is a list of the main images you can create:

  • Post for social networks
  • Flyers and posters
  • Published banners
  • Logos and brochure
  • Infographics

Furthermore, you will be able to edit texts, fonts, and colors directly online.

Each graphic image created will be saved to your account and can be downloaded and shared externally.

Crello: the ultimate free tool for online graphic design

DesignCap vs Crello Online Graphics Software

Are you looking for a valid alternative to DesignCap? We offer Crello, a program to create graphic images.

Crello is an online visual editor to use even without graphic skills. Just like DesignCap, Crello also allows you to create graphics for social, visual content, flyers, brochures, newsletters, presentations, infographics, covers for sites and blogs, in a totally freeway.

The Crello application provides layouts and templates of pre-set format. It is divided by category including health, business and finance, beauty, and many others. This is to be customized with the choice of images, photos, and fonts. Even Crello allows you to purchase paid items for more professional projects.

Using Crello is very simple: just connect to the website and select the template that best suits your needs. For the rest, it is really very intuitive.

DesignCap and Crello are just two of the many free graphics software available online. Here we have presented you the best known and easy to use ones. Especially if you want to create images for social media.

By Punit