Deepfake Apps And Websites

With the rise of social media and Digitalization, the distance between people has significantly reduced. it has also resulted in the rapid advancement of networking and socializing. These have provided a base for a lot of trends in the global atmosphere both for the purpose of fun and commercialization. One such trend is deep fake websites that have been a hot topic of discussion among experts. They see these as a means of Learning but also take into account the threat that they carry. The deep fake website provides a platform to build portraits and other media using AI software. 

DeepFake websites are effective in understanding Machine Learning, Image Recognition, and Computer Vision. It is always fun to use these websites as a source of recreation. This gives us the reason for the emergence of Deepfake videos as a trend lately.

An attempt has been made within this article, to provide exposure to 15 such platforms, that are a good means of learning and fun. Before any further proceedings, It is important to understand that Even though deepfake technology isn’t yet good enough to completely fool people, it nonetheless has the ability to create an impact and make a difference in people’s perspectives of things and individuals. It’s important that we use deepfakes ethically and responsibly. Do not use deepfake technology for illegal purposes, and definitely don’t use anyone else’s pictures/videos without their explicit permission as these can not only bring defamation but also Lawsuits.

1. DALL-E Mini

Remember when as a kid you wanted a pencil that can bring things to life? Or if not a pencil, all of us at some point desired a superpower to bring our words to reality. That being said, what if there’s Highly intelligent software that can form images just with text input provided to it? Can it make an output out of it?

If you’re still wondering, then you’ve probably never come across the DALL E mini AI model. From creepy to cute, from weird to curse, you just type it, and this AI model will provide you with an image of it. The Model is backed by a database of images that extends to millions over the internet and hence, it can even power an image of things that are only in your storybooks. 

If you want to see a dog that looks like a unicorn, just type it out, and you got it, boss!

It is also free to use so yes, it’s worth giving a shot. 

2. Face Swap Live

Do you have any pictures or video and do you want to switch the face in it? One of the cleanest apps for such swapping is the Face Swap. Switching apps has never been this easy. Whether you want to swap faces with your friend in a video or anything else, the app has got it all. 

Also having basic editing features like adding stickers, it also provides options like 3D effects and many more for you to explore. It is very dynamic and if the need is for a powerful face-swapping platform, this app has what it takes.


3. Deepfake web

For anyone looking for a platform to make deepfake videos for research, deepfake web might just be the right thing to look for. Using deep learning, it is able to absorb and adjust to the complexities of facial data. 

The only thing that might hold the user back is the time. It takes about 4 hours to absorb the video and an additional half an hour for the face swap.

The free version could provide the output in about 5 hours, while the one requiring a subscription takes an hour. Yes, it’s not a piece of cake to make a deepfake video.

4. Reface

Gifs are a fun way of communicating when you’re short of words or even when you want to add some humor to the conversation. And if you’re looking for an app that can make customized gifs in no time, then Reface is the answer. 

Just click a picture and select the gif you desire to customize and within no time, the app will make the gif with your face in it. Its accuracy depends largely on the face structure and the appropriate choice of the gif.

(Free-in app purchase)

5. MyHeritage

Who doesn’t like some Live animation in their pictures? MyHeritage provides just the solution to the need with a powerful AI giving a smooth touch to your pictures. 

Gone recently viral for its deepfake Nostalgia feature, the app also provides the option to animate old photographs, making it popular among users of all ages.

Using the app is also no big deal. Just upload a picture of yourself and you’re ready to go. Then all that is needed, is to press the Animate button and the animated version of the image with the face and eyes moving will be available in a few seconds.



As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, deepfake platforms are a great means of learning Computer vision. And if you’re engaged in research of computer vision, then DeepFaceLab is what is built essentially for you. It is a Windows program that provides the resources to make deepfake videos. As it is primarily built for researchers, it has a complex interface which in turn, requires the users to resort to the instructions available. Nonetheless, it is a good platform to learn about computer vision. Using Machine Learning, it becomes a go-to tool for researchers in understanding deepfake videos. As it also uses human image synthesis for face swap, a sustainable and strong Computer is a must.


7. Deep Art

A trend that emerged some time ago, was adding a touch of caricature to the pictures. Social media users tend to have an inclination for such images and that is exactly when Deep Art came in the spotlight. It has the ability to create deepfake images on the grounds of paintings and art. What makes it special, is that it can turn a photo into art.

Although many other platforms might provide similar benefits, the highly specialized algorithm of Deep Art is inspired by the Human Brain. There are also no concerns about privacy with the app. It is inspired by artists that include Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, and more. So if you are looking for something artistic, this is what you need.

(Free- in-app purchase)

8. Speakpic

As DALL E mini provides a unique addition to the deepfake media by providing images by text inputs, speakpic provides a text-to-speech feature that makes it even easier. The software recognizes the words that are spoken and generates an image based on the instructions provided.

All you have to do is to speak into the microphone of your device and the AI model will convert the text input into a picture as per the information provided. It is thus not a complete deepfake provider but it nonetheless, is a fun app to explore.

9. FaceApp

One of the most renowned apps in the list, and possibly the Pioneer of deepfakes and AI-aided picture editing apps available for mobile devices, is the FaceApp. It uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to give a natural touch to the pictures.

 Do you have any images where you don’t like the way you or anyone else looks in it? Do you want to add a smile to the face in it? Or maybe you want to see how would you look at retirement? Faceapp can give all of it and much more.


10. Jiggy

Similar to Reface, Jiggy is also another platform that provides you the facility to make a gif seem like your own. Apps like Giphy are popular if you want to create a GIF and share it on social media. However, Jiggy doesn’t settle then and there. It furthermore provides a safe space to create deepfakes of such GIFs. Hence, the user is able to put their face on the GIF of their choice.

A User-friendly interface enables Jiggy users to browse the app easily. Selecting a picture of yourself and then opting for the GIF you prefer, isn’t a difficult task as it seems. The app will use your picture as a base to put over the GIF. It completes it with animations, Customisations, and an easier way to share them. 

What makes a distinction, is that it is also free to use on both Android and IOS devices.

Deepfake Apps And Websites

11. FaceMagic

A powerful Artificial Intelligence enabled app that functions as a face swap as well as professional editor, is FaceMagic. It has the ability to use the face as per the desire of the user. Whether videos or images, FaceMagic’s feed provides you with numerous prompts as a base to perform face swaps. However, the choice rests with you, if you want to use your own pictures or videos as base. 

It doesn’t require any amount to kick start but in order to use premium features like removing advertisements and watermarks, a subscription to the app will be required. 

12. Lensa AI

A highly powered and modern AI-enabled app for deepfakes is The Lensa AI. It is the go-to app that has gone viral for creating AI portraits of any person. It is an innovative website offering AI-powered image editing tools with advanced features like automatic portrait enhancement, lighting adjustments, and vibrant color enhancements. This enables users to transform their photos effortlessly into photorealistic portraits of themselves, just by using a few selfies making it the go-to platform. The app generates portraits in numerous other styles as well.

There is no subscription needed for general purposes and the app is free to use unless you want to make portraits which will require you to pay per set or subscribe to Lensa AI’s premium version available.

13. Wombo

Wombo is a lip-syncing app using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to sync the movement of the mouth with any audio of your choice. It creates funny and somewhat fascinating videos. Unless you’ve been hibernating lately, you would have definitely come across clips from Wombo. 

If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining app that allows users to bring still images to life by animating them with a singing or talking mouth, Wombo is what you’re waiting for. Whether the video is to be of yourself, a friend, or some random celebrity, you name it and Wombo has got it done for you.

14. Zao

You might have heard the name of this app by how rapidly it has been making its mark in east asian countries, specifically China. Recently gone viral, it has the ability to make deepfakes in a fraction of the time. And that is exactly what sets it apart from The other deepfake video providers in the list. With a Digital stash that has almost everything under the sun, ranging from English Movies to K-Dramas, it provides flexibility and a diversity of options to choose from.

The output deepfake video is hardly distinguishable from the original with an aesthetic look being intact. Unlike the other heavy-powerful computers that might take hours for the same, Zao just requires a few seconds and you’re good to go. It is being tested in India, as the availability of the app has been confined to China by the developers yet.

15. Any Face

The Final entry to our list is the ever-fun, Any Face. Any face has to be your one-stop destination if your search is for a sustainable and strong deep fake app to have fun with your near and dear ones. Whether animation of pictures is concerned, or to make them talk, Any Face checks all the boxes and even has the ability to change the faces.


To conclude, Deepfake websites are really fun to use but it is important to note that although the use of deepfakes is not illegal, they should be used cautiously and without any ulterior motives of harming any individual, organization, or society. Doing any of these can result in legal issues. Also, the fact that these apps and websites are trending on social media, makes the users vulnerable to online visibility. Hence, users should be cautious and read the privacy terms carefully. Apart from this, you can use all of them for fun but in an ethical way. Please do let us know which of the above you have used and which of them you are planning too. It’s a wrap.