How Much Does It Cost for Ducted Air Conditioning Installation?

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Seeking to get the best cooling solution for your home?

What is ducted air conditioning? We are sure that you will have come across portable; wall mounted and split systems if you have been through any research. For a whole-home cooling system, they are the gold standard, but you must be prepared to pay for the privilege.

Expect to pay $5,000 to have a small system installed, $6,000 to $10,000 for a system for a three-bedroom single-story home and $11,0000+ for a ducted aircon system for a large 4 bedroom 2-story home while going with Ducted Air Conditioning Installation.

Depending on many factors, the price of a ducted air conditioning system can vary. With some knowledge of this unit, you will be able to make an informed decision. But let us go through some of the basics first:

How ducted air conditioners work?

When a home is built, a ducted system is typically installed but you can retrofit especially if you have a room in your ceiling cavity. To circulate cool air around your home, ducted air conditioning uses a system of insulated pipes or ducts in your floor or ceiling. You have a programmable control panel that allows you to specify the temperature and when your system runs as vents or grilles are installed in the rooms which you want to cover.

It comes to the energy efficiency of the unit and the thermal efficiency of the ducting as there is a number of factors that contribute to the efficiency of a ducted air conditioning system. It simply loses precious heat or cool air as it travels around your home if inferior ducting is used.

To circulate air throughout the home, ducted air conditioning uses a system of insulated pipes or ducts which are installed in your floor or ceiling cavity.

Why install the ducted aircon unit?

Ducted air conditioning units are more efficient than the other cooling systems if you are looking for an efficient way of getting cool air to all points in your home. Then the other split systems, it is more effective at cooling larger areas. The ducted units are unobtrusive and very quiet if you are worried about noise or unsightly aircon units on your wall. A wall-mounted split air conditioning is likely suited to cool one or two rooms.

The cost of running ducted aircon

How much your running cost would be are determined by a number of factors:

  • Type and size of the system
  • How long you operate it
  • How well are your home and the system is insulated
  • The temperature set for it

There are ways to cut your usage if you are concerned about the cost of running a ducted air conditioning system. By keeping the temperature a degree or two lower and by improving the insulation of your home, always opt for an energy-efficient system. Shop around for a better deal as you can make sure that you are getting the best deal with your current electricity provider.

Ducted aircon prices

The prices of ducted air conditioning are determined by a number of factors and this is mainly so with the brand which you pick, the energy rating and the size of the system you require. The following are the other factors which are included in this too:

  • The layout and the size of your home
  • Number of people there in your family
  • Whether you want to opt for zoning different parts of your home
  • The material with which your home is constructed
  • Whether there is a ceiling cavity
  • The difficulty involved with the installation

Getting quotes for ducted air conditioning

You will get the best-ducted air conditioning price once you get several quotes in hand. You will notice that different prices are noted for different systems of the same capacity. Look at all the quotes carefully and ask why their package cost is more or less than the rest before choosing the lowest quotes. While someone else’s quote maybe for a more basic system, one might be quoting for a more expensive and more cost-effective inverter system. Before purchasing do check for the warranty.