Why Cosmetic Product Packaging is also made From Cardboard?

Cosmetic Product Packaging
Cosmetic Product Packaging

Corrugated cardboard wrapping is everywhere and gaining regard in the health and beauty industry as the war on plastics escalates. Cosmetic boxes wholesale covering, like any other type of packing, must comply with the definition given at the arrival. It is to keep safe the product from bad weather and external contamination.

Please note that cosmetics should be treated as perishable goods. These cannot be marketed in the same way as other consumer products with an indefinite shelf life.

Manufacturing Factor Involved

The factors to consider are listed below.

1. Air:

Air is the main reason for oxidation and rancidity in most cosmetic products. However, this can be controlled by adding the appropriate antioxidants. Remember that antioxidants only slow down the oxidation process, but do not suppress it.

Air is also responsible for cosmetic boxes drying and airborne bacterial contamination. However, these can be controlled to some extent by the addition of wetting agents and bacteriostatic agents.

2. Light:

The discoloration of cosmetic boxes wholesale products is always due to the effect of ultraviolet light, which would also be responsible for the polymerization of certain ingredients of the perfume.

Although it is not advisable from a marketing point of view to control this effect using amber pots, as is done in the pharmaceutical industry, the effect can be reduced by using recently released dimmers.

3. Heat:

Heat highlights the problem of oxidation and drying and also affects the stability of different emulsion typecustom cosmetic boxes. A certain degree of insulation can be achieved by using double-walled pots which provide an air space between the outside and the inside.

4. Cold:

Extreme cold can lead to significant changes in a beautician’s consistency and, even worse, cause an emulsion to spill. Again, the effect of cold can be mitigated by the use of suitable insulation, as mentioned previously.

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging is Cost-Effective:

The packaging is an important representation of a brand and an extension of the product. So while many companies will save as much as possible to increase their profit margins, quality should not be sacrificed with the corrugated board.

Flexo printing is a popular printing method that is widely used in the corrugated board because of its speed and quality. The process allows many additional wrapping manufacturing processes, such as coating, stamping, and punching, to pass through the machine.

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging is Durable:

The health and beauty industry has been studied in recent years, in part due to the war on plastic and product testing. When it comes to packing, cosmetic boxes wholesale and beauty products are turning to corrugated cardboard because it is biodegradable. In addition, they are also becoming much more selective about who they work with and are deepening their environmental policy.

You can Customize the Packaging:

Corrugated boxes are highly customizable and very cost-effective as mentioned earlier. Some of the advantages that may surprise you are that they are fire retardant and waterproof, which makes them perfect for transport.

The brand is becoming just as important as the product itself, and this also applies to the wrapping it comes in. With flexographic printing and talented designers, there is a lot of innovation in cardboard. Wavy in terms of creating new styles, opening mechanisms, and covering options.

Corrugated Boxes can be Stacked according to Design:

Plastic and other packing materials are not suitable for stacking and storage. Corrugated cardboard boxes provide this advantage, which means that inventory can be organized and stored with the strength of not being damaged. Stackable packing is extremely useful in the retail environment, where products may need to remain in a warehouse for a longer period.

Corrugated Cardboard provides Excellent Protection:

Corrugated cardboard boxes are stronger than the average cardboard box, which makes them popular in many industries. They act as a stable cushion for products during shipping and even for standard presentation.

Corrugated cardboard is specially designed to keep the bacteria away from the products in the wrapping. This is essential for health and beauty products as they often contain liquids that come in contact with human skin, which means product integrity is essential.

Flexibility and Versatility:

With cardboard packing, you have a blank canvas to create innovative wrapping designs that match the shapes and sizes needed. Custom carton packages are easy to move, and now there are machines that automate your wrapping needs by producing the right size cartons for the products you need.

Automatic cardboard packing machines are a big help for businesses that ship a wide range of products of all shapes and sizes.

The versatility of cardboard means you have the chance to be as inventive or as laid back as you want. These Boxes Wholesale can be designed to fit all sizes and shapes.

However, you can think outside the box and design cardboard packaging that is also suitable for your product. If you are worried that your product will not stand out among a sea of ​​cardboard boxes, create a distinctive and even more practical shape.

Customer Convenience:

The packing of cardboard products should be designed with the customer in mind. It should be easy for the customer to transport and handle as well as practical, easy to use, and hassle-free when it is disposed of. Cardboard being a very light material, it is easy to transport. This is great for saving money on logistics, but also useful for your customers.

The cardboard makes it easy to add manual handling aids such as handles with holes. Your product packing should be designed to be easily picked up by customers. After all, they’re more likely to buy if it makes their life easier.

Remember, if you offer a transport mechanism, make sure that it is strong and durable enough for the weight of the product. Thin plastic bags frustrate customers when they break, keep your product safe, and your wrapping easy to hold.