Shoppers to Regular Customers

Almost every online seller and retailer works hard to lure as many customers as possible to the store during the holiday season. But a common mistake most retailers make while selling products online is that they don’t think of converting the holiday shoppers into regular customers. If you are also making this mistake, then you should keep scrolling to know some useful tips on how to convert holiday shoppers into regular customers.

Remember that though these tips usually work, there is no guarantee that you will be able to convert 100 percent of the holiday shoppers into regular customers. Even if you succeed in getting 40 percent of holiday shoppers to turn into regular customers, it should be enough.

1. Remember the Power of Email Marketing

Most people assume that email marketing is dead due to the arrival of social media and messaging apps that deliver messages faster and in a more convenient manner. The fact is that email marketing is still alive and works very well. People from all age groups like to get promotional emails if they are worth their time. So, make sure you make every email worth every second spent by a customer in reading it. Email marketing also has a good ROI, so it saves some money on your marketing budget.

The best way to reach the younger generations is to woo them via the smartphones. You can send them messages, app notifications and mobile-friendly emails that thank them for shopping with you and tell them more about shopping with you in the future as well. A smart move would be to get them enrolled in a loyalty program and give them some points for the holiday purchases that can be redeemed in the next few months.

It is also advisable that you personalize every email to make the customers feel special. The first trick you need to remember is to use the customer’s name and mention the last transaction. Always remember that no one likes to be addressed as “dear customer” when they have a name and reminding about the past purchase is essential if you want the customer to recollect the experience instantly.

2. Target Right

There is a difference between your regular customers and holiday shoppers. The regular customers know your brand, quality, and pricing in detail. They don’t need to be reminded of it over and over again. In contrast, holiday shoppers might consider you one among many retailers/online sellers they bought goods from. So, you need to remind them about your brand, quality, and pricing in detail to tempt them to buy from you again.

When creating a marketing strategy to turn holiday shoppers into regular customers, you should make sure that you introduce yourself nicely. Talk about the last purchase, seek feedback and offer something attractive like a discount to lure the customer again. It would also be smart to keep your language professional and crisp. Also ensure that you don’t come across as too desperate for a sale.

3. Provide Valuable Content

Sending thank you emails after a purchase is quite common these days. You can go a few extra steps and turn the holiday shoppers into regular customers by sending content that matters. For instance, when you send a thank you email or app notification or SMS to the customer for buying a product, you can add more valuable content to it that makes sense. You can add a how-to video that shows how the product works or different ways of using one product. You can also ask the customers to rate the experience every time they shop from you. Also you can give them some points for spending that time.

4. Wait for a While

If you intend to send purely promotional emails to the holiday shoppers in an attempt to turn them into regular shoppers, you should not bombard them with emails, SMS or app notifications instantly. Instead, you should wait for a few days or weeks and then re-introduce yourself. This strategy will work because most of the people get tons of promotional emails during the holiday season. Your email might get lost in the crowd.

If you send the email to the customers when they are least expecting it, they will be more likely to reconnect with your brand. Especially if the shopping they did from your store was successful and they got their money’s worth.

5. Send Worthy Recommendations

One more trick that works to lure holiday shoppers back is to provide them with useful recommendations. The recommended products must be something that can complement the products bought earlier. Or it can be a similar product that may also be essential for the shopper. For instance, if a customer bought a tea set from your online store and shared a good rating. You can recommend a dinner set that complements the tea set and tempt the customer to shop from you again. Sending exclusive discount codes will make the offer more tempting.


On the whole, it can be said that the art of luring holiday shoppers

By Punit