What Are The Most Common Workplace Accidents?

Common Workplace Accidents

Accidents at work happen worryingly frequently, and some of them can be severe or even fatal.

While there are various rules, guidelines and safety procedures that employers and their staff are supposed to adhere to, accidents can still happen, sometimes when you least expect it.

Read on to discover some of the most common workplace accidents, and find out what to do if you’ve suffered an injury at work.

Muscle Strain

One of the most frequently sustained minor injuries is a muscle strain. If your work duties involve moving or lifting heavy objects, then you are likely to experience this kind of injury at some point. However, they can be avoided by learning proper techniques for lifting and carrying items in a way that doesn’t harm your body.

Slips And Falls

Usually caused by slippery surfaces, such as freshly washed floors, slipping, tripping, or falling can happen in any workplace, whether you work in a factory, a café, or an office.

However, falls can also happen if you work at a height, be it on a scaffold, a platform, or a ladder. As falling from a height can be particularly dangerous, it’s important that you take precautions to avoid it, perhaps by asking another colleague to help you, or using a harness to prevent you from hitting the ground.

Being Hit By A Falling Object

Having an object fall on you from a shelf is another accident that can happen almost anywhere. While this kind of accident may be more common in warehouses, it can still happen to an office worker opening the supply cupboard or even reaching up for the biscuit tin at morning tea break.


Collisions and crashes are another common type of workplace incident that can result in serious injuries, or even fatalities. Typically involving cars, lorries, or smaller vehicles used in warehouses and factories, such as forklifts, these accidents cannot be avoided. However, their effects can be mitigated using the appropriate safety equipment and procedures, such as wearing seat belts.


Cuts and lacerations can happen in any workplace, whether they are sustained by using heavy machinery or by falling afoul of a paper trimmer. While in some cases they can’t be avoided, when it comes to using machinery or equipment that has the potential to inflict severe injury, your workplace should provide the relevant training to minimise the chance of getting cut.

Claiming For A Workplace Accident

If you have received an injury at work, it’s highly possible that your employer is liable and owes you compensation, particularly if they ignored a possibly dangerous situation, or failed to provide adequate training or PPE.

If you think you have grounds to claim for a work accident, get in touch with a reputable legal service such as Quittance and explain your situation in detail. They can then provide you with the advice and assistance you require.

In Conclusion

Accidents at work happen on a regular basis, and span all industries and types of workplace, from warehouses to offices. While most employers will act responsibly and provide a safe working environment for their staff, others may not be as effective, so if you ever feel unsafe while at work it’s important that you report your concerns to your manager.

Once you have made your feelings known, hopefully the issue will be addressed and the appropriate steps will be taken to ensure you have everything you need to feel safe while in the workplace.