Clean Up Your Flooded Basement

A flooded basement can occur at any time. It could be because of inadequate drainage around the basement wall. Such an instance could also happen because of a massive storm. An appliance failure or a faulty pump could also be responsible for basement flooding.

Many basements are constructed with floor drains that do not let the space to flood. Floods cause the walls and the floor to get damaged. It could also be caused because of debris and dirt that gets caught in the drain. It, in turn, does not let the water drain out.

Some homes have sump pumps that work to remove water from the house. But if the sump pump fails to function, then a flooded basement is inevitable. If your basement gets flooded, then the first thing to do is remove all the water immediately and dry out the basement completely.

What Should You Do To Clean A Flooded Basement?

A flooded basement poses health and safety risks. It thus needs to be addressed soon. If you are dealing with a flooded basement situation, then this is what you should do to clean up.

Steps To Be Taken To Clean Up the Flooded Basement

1. Take Immediate Action

Get into action as soon as you notice water in your basement. The water could be full of harmful bacteria, which is a health hazard. You may want to call a professional immediately to stop the flooding. Once the flooding source has stopped, here is what you should do to clean up your flooded basement.

2. Turn The Power Off

Before you enter the basement, turn off the electrical power. If you do not have assessed, then call up an electrical immediately. It will prevent you from getting a shock while working in water in your basement.

3. Wear Protective Gears

Whatever be the source of water that caused the basement flooding, it is important to protect yourself completely. You may wear waterproof boots, rubber gloves, and a long-sleeved dress before you start the cleanup.

4. Dry The Basement

Remove water from the basement.It is thus important that you act fast. You can use a vacuum to dry out the water. Once the standing water is removed, place fans to speed up the process of drying. If you have a humidifier, then set that immediately in the basement. It will take out the additional moisture from the air. It will also help to prevent the formation of molds.

5. Move Any Wet Furniture

There could be belongings, furniture, and materials in your basement that could have got wet because of the flooding. Move them out of the basement. It is best to place them in a dry and ventilated area. Remove the insulation and drywall. These are highly susceptible to molds. If there was any carpet, then remove it off. It will allow the floor beneath it to dry fast. Remember to take photographs if you wish to claim the damage from the insurance company.

6. Clean The Walls And The Surfaces

The nest stage is to wipe off the floor and walls. Remove any dirt that is left behind. You can use some water and detergent to clean up. It pays to hire an inspector for a mold inspection.

7. Waterproof The Basement

Basement flooding is inevitable. To prevent any future cases of flooding, you can add a perimeter drainage system. A sump pump also helps to avoid future flooding.

Hire a Flooded Basement Cleanup Service

Basement flooding is common. It destroys the structure of your home. It also incurs costly damage and can be pretty alarming. Also, to mention is the destruction that it brings into your life.

You may hire a professional flood water removal services company. They are experienced and assess the situation. It also ensures that you do not have to shut off your basement completely.

Services Offered By a Professional Flood Water Removal Service

Along with flood cleanup, the professionals also assess any future water damage to your home. They check the presence of any mold growth. Molds are detrimental to your health. Hiring a professional ensures that your home is mold-free. The company also dries off any documents that may have got damaged.

Dealing with basement flooding is a challenge. The experts know the steps needed to get you a water-free basement in the most efficient manner. They do all that they can to make your basement liveable again.


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