Choose Kitchen Style

Kitchen is called to be the heart of any house, where the family may meet to eat lunch together or cook. It’s pretty essential then to create a space that will be fashionable but also practical and spacious. There are some elements which each kitchen must have, and that we can’t do without. Some are options, yet, making cooking a pleasurable adventure. How to design your perfect kitchen, following the trends at the same time? Let’s find out.

Bring color to your kitchen

The current year is the year of a big bye-bye to all-white kitchens. In the past decade, designers promoted monochromatic furniture, tiles, floors, and walls. They were supposed to give as much light as possible, making the kitchen the place where we load our batteries by the amount of light we get. 

This year is going to be the big comeback of color into the kitchen furniture and overall design of the space. It’s not set yet which color will become the new white, most probably kitchens will have two or three contrasting shades. Those seeking their kitchen renovation ideas don’t need to worry their cooking space won’t be timeless anymore with shades different than white. 

Go for dark wood furniture, which after all is not a new idea but will surely bring a new touch to your boring kitchen. It’s a great start to other colorful elements, like walls or floors. If you would like to know more about the newest trends in design, you may see some inspiration from European interior design websites.

Close your kitchen

Apart from the many different side effects that the pandemic had on our lives, it also influenced many elements of our everyday routines. Spending lots of time at home together with all family members like during the lock-down, we all dreamt of our own private space. That’s why open kitchens are no longer desirable. 

Apart from the obvious advantage of open kitchens, giving us a sense of space and no limit, we want to hide dirty dishes from our guests. Simply to cook in silence without being forced to listen to constantly screaming children.

A big change to the kitchen furniture and appliances

The year 2023 will bring some changes to kitchen furniture and appliances. The changes not only connect to the color but also to their location. 

For many years, we wanted to put as many cabinets into a kitchen as possible. Firstly, it is to be a standard kitchen design. Secondly, there is always too little storage space. Now, it’s time to redesign our kitchens and our thinking of them. Upper cabinetry will replace by open shelving.

The solution has some advantages, for example, it will surely mean a lower price for the cabinets. It also gives landladies the chance of showing their personalities by designing their own shelving style.

Yet, it doesn’t mean the shelves should clutter and messy. It’s not a space for cookbooks or tableware, which need to be inside the cabinets, giving a sense of harmony. It’s the space for pots with herbs, kitchen posters, or other delicate decorations in decent numbers.

The changes are also visible with the appliances, which should no longer install over the range.

Use natural materials

It’s also worth mentioning using faux materials. Such as tiles that pretend to be wooden floors is no longer acceptable in modern kitchen designs. Do you want to use marble worktops? Buy worktops really made of marble, not other fake materials. It will not only look much better, of course not necessarily when it’s white but also will be more durable.

By Punit