Home upgrades are a major component of U.S. homeownership. Property owners as a whole spend more than $400 billion on housing upgrades each year. And, with work-from-home orders taking their toll on mental health and the comfort enjoyed within our home’s spaces over the last year and a half, homeowners are looking toward renovations and upgrades with a new surge of interest.

But deciding on upgrades that will stand to your needs and desires over the remaining time you have in the home can be difficult. For example, should you start in the kitchen, update the patio, or focus on roofing and air conditioning upgrades? With this helpful list, selecting the right projects for your home and your family’s needs doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Consider your highest-traffic areas before starting on any new project.

Upgrading Interior and Exterior of Your Home

Homeowners who are tacking the most beneficial upgrades are the ones who stop and take the time to think about the spaces of the home that they use the most. Highly frequented areas are both the most important and the most worn-in. This means that an update to a living room where the family sits in front of the television every evening will pull double duty, boosting your home’s comfort and quality of life.

Beginning any home upgrade work with a plan in mind for how that renovation will benefit your family is something that all homeowners need. Sadly, even though this might seem like common sense now, first-time homeowners or those who are new to the renovation marketplace often overlook this crucial step. For anyone thinking of engaging with a contractor to reimagine the living spaces that they enjoy—or might want to enjoy more of—starting with an understanding of your actual usage of the home should be the first action item on your to-do list.

Ensure the heart of your home is well cared for.

Upgrading Interior and Exterior of Your Home

Every home and family relies on a certain set of interior elements and systems. For homeowners experiencing issues with their energy efficiency, heating system, or moisture levels, tackling system upgrades is a must. In addition, the noises you’re hearing coming from your AC system can tell you a lot about the things that are going on within this all-important component of a well-functioning home (duct, debris, or compressor issues that can cause a rattling noise, humming noise, whistling noise or other strange sounds, for instance).

AC system repairs are a common household expense, but for homeowners who can tackle preventative maintenance works regularly, eliminating much of the cost associated with keeping your home comfortable and temperature-controlled is a far easier task.

Air conditioning maintenance and style upgrades are crucial components of any home improvement checklist. With these at the top of your agenda, maintaining a comfortable and luxurious home is a cinch.

Don’t skimp on style elements and layout when it comes to exterior changes.

Upgrading Interior and Exterior of Your Home

In addition to interior elements, the outdoor space that you and your family enjoy is important too. Many families spend their summer evenings out on Texas patios drinking in the sunsets and fantastic weather. The backyard does a great job of tying the whole home together when planned out in exacting detail.

A patio or other outdoor unit like a pergola can make the space feel like an extension of your interior living space and provide a unique new level of comfort that simply can’t be beaten. Enjoying the warm air that blows through windows and cracks left strategically in sliding doors is an unmissable experience from a Texas patio or pergola.

Tackle these home improvement spaces for greater comfort and control over your home.

By Punit