Check PF Balance

When it comes to checking your provident fund or PF balance, you need not visit any local or regional EPFO office. Because there are ways you can check it online/offline.

This post will help you know some easy ways. These will help you know how to activate UAN number as well as how to check PF balance without issues.

7 Methods that you can use to check your PF Balance

The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has made provisions for PF subscribers to check their PF balance via seven methods such as:

  1. Check the PF balance via the Universal Account Number or UAN
  2. Downloading of the PF passbook via the member portal
  3. Download the PF passbook
  4. Mobile app EPF
  5. Missed call EPF service
  6. Online EPF balance service
  7. EPF SMS service

1) Checking the PF Balance via the UAN

Every Provident Fund subscriber gets the Universal Account Number or the UAN which stays the same throughout your employment history. You can easily generate your UAN. Upon activation, you can get an SMS about yours and your employee contribution and the balance each month.

2) Downloading of the PF Passbook via the Member Portal

Employees would earlier download their PF passbook via the member portal before the launch of the UAN website. It can come handy for you to check your PF balance if you forgot your UAN password or unable to log in or even when you can’t access the UAN.

3) Download the PF passbook via the UAN

You are also entitled to download your PF passbook via the UAN. For availing this service, you will need to activate the UAN account, after which, you can download the passbook. Other than knowing your PF balance, you can also know your detailed PF account balance.

4) Mobile app – EPF

It’s the age of mobile centric technology and even EPFO is not behind to provide its subscribers with the benefit of knowing their PF balance via the EPF mobile app. For availing of the services, you will need to download the EPF mobile app from the EPFO official website. Subscribers who are yet to active their UANs can also use the app to activate the same. You are also allowed to use the app to your pension as well as employers’ transaction status.

5) Missed call EPF service

If you find the other discussed steps to know your PF balance complex, EPF benefits, you can easily use the EPF missed call service to know it. For availing this service, you will have to give a missed call to 011 – 2290 1406 from your registered mobile number. Once you give the missed call, you will soon receive an SMS or text message containing your latest PF balance.

6) Checking of the online balance – PF

This method is not very widely used by PF subscribers. You can enter some of your details such as PF number and registered mobile number on the ‘know your PF balance page.’ The PF balance will then be sent on your mobile number. However, you won’t be able to access other details such as your pension amount, employee, and employer contribution using the service.

7) PF balance via text message/SMS

You can also check your provident fund amount via an SMS that you can send in your own language. If you are unable to make a call from your mobile, you can use the SMS service to know your PF balance easily and quickly. All that you need to do is – type a text message in the format – EPFOHO UAN ENG and send it to 7738 299 899.

The Bottom Line

There are so many easy methods that you can use if you want to know how to check PF balance as you went through in this post. Look what method is easier for you, use one and get to know your PF balance super easy. All the best!

By Aisha Agarwal

Aisha Aggarwal is a renowned financial Advisor. She has more then 8 years of experience as a Financial Advisor. Her esteemed knowledge and unique strategies is clearly visible on various blogs as she has written on various topics such as debt management, liquid assets, mutual funds etc. She has written numerous pieces of contents