Positioning efficiency is a crucial issue for people managing websites. It’s worth learning a bit more about SEO performance.

Check if Your Website is SEO-Friendly


While checking and monitoring the SEO of the website, you should pay special attention should to its visibility. Visibility is defined as top3, top10, and top50 phrases in organic search results for a website. There are tools with which it is possible to check the visibility of a given website. It can be done, for example, in Senuto by analyzing the visibility report. You will get the website visibility graph and a list of the essential phrases.


Another aspect you should check to determine the effectiveness of positioning is impressions and clicks. Thanks to them, it is possible to check how many times a given site displays in organic search results and how many people decided to display a link to the site. Views and clicks can be checked, for example, in a tool such as Google Search Console. Reviewing and analyzing this data allows you to assess the effectiveness of positioning.

CTR ratio

CTR is another aspect worth paying attention to if you want to check whether a given site is SEO-friendly. CTR compares the number of clicks on a given link to the number of views. You can also check it in Google Search Console, so it is worth using this tool. The higher your CTR, the better for your site. It means that the website looks attractive to the audience.

Organic traffic

Among the most critical aspects of positioning effectiveness, one can also indicate organic traffic, which is extremely important for the website’s functioning. This indicator makes it possible to check whether users come to a given website from organic search results. Traffic on the website can be checked, for example, in a tool such as Google Analytics. You need to generate a report and check the “Traffic Acquisition” section.

Conversion value

The primary purpose of running a website is to profit from it, so it will be necessary to check the number, rate, and conversion value. You can also find those types of data in Google Analytics. The higher the conversion rate, the better, as it means more revenue. Increasing revenues is possible, among other things, by cooperating with an entity such as a shopify development company.

Engagement rate

When checking the effectiveness of positioning, you should also pay attention to such an aspect as the engagement factor. The Engagement Factor describes the number of users actively using a given website. A committed user should view at least two pages and spend a minimum of ten seconds on a page.

By Punit