Every business needs good building signage to get success in the market. These signs will determine whether a prospective customer will try the business or not. Well-designed business signs ensure that it reflects about the business, what does it do and is the location.

The key idea behind creating  signage is to draw the attention of the customer and to inform them about your company. In short, the signs convey the image of the business and company and help to attract the customers.

Building Signs and Their Role For Your Business

Common Types of Building Signs:

  • Dimensional letters
  • Dimensional logos
  • Monument signs
  • Building directories
  • Nameplates
  • Changeable letter signs

Each of these variations has its unique and distinct advantages which help any business to display its name uniquely and convey the company’s message. Here is a brief overview of the different types of building signs:

Varieties of Building Signs:

1. Dimensional letters and dimensional logos

If you are looking for some unique way to make your company’s name eye-catching, then you can use these signs. Their 3D structural impact can be enhanced by adding a halo of light from behind which, makes it look staggering and appealing.

They are distinctly visible and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are the best for making a bold statement, may it be for a store or for other business that wants to attract its customers from a distance. While choosing the letters, it becomes very important to consider the font and colour of the letters on the basis of their visibility.

2. Building directories

If you are looking for a professional business sign option for an area where you don’t have much space, then business directories excel. These are known to a have series wise arrangement of the name which helps the visitor navigate and locate the offices easily.

These are often used for malls, offices and suites where a number of businesses running near to each other. It is used where larger images cannot fit with the company’s image. The importance of the directories is that they contain the information about the suite and its direction. They allow easy customization and are easily changeable as per the needs of the owner. Business signs are not easily read from a distance so they are placed where there is heavy pedestrian traffic.

3. Monument and architectural signs

These are one of the most sophisticated signs on the exterior. They can be useful seamlessly with any kind of building. Customizing these for the best match is also possible. They work exteriorly and contain the address or other relevant information. It is a great way to differentiate your business from competitors.

4. Nameplates

They serve as a great enhancer for a company or an individual’s image where there is a tough competition. This building signage acts as the first information that a client gets upon visiting the company or office and it creates a positive image in the client’s mind.

5. Changeable letter signs

If you are looking  for a dynamic business sign, then these can be a good choice. They come with a provision of changeable letters which makes it easy for you to change the information as and when required. You can use them in restaurants, hotels, retail stores to inform the customer about a new offer or some deal or discount. This type of building signs is to put a slogan or some inspiring quotes to make the business a memorable one.

Things to Consider While Ordering Building Signs

There are few things to consider when ordering the business signs for your building. Providing the signage company with accurate details will help them to move forward with a quick quote.

  • First, select the size of your sign depending upon the area where you want to place it.
  • Second, decide whether you want an engraved sign or a raised letter signboard. The engraved sign includes the text or logo engraved into the board whereas a raised letter signboard includes the cut-out pieces of acrylic with applique letters applied on the top of the board.
  • Next, choose the colour combination for the engraved or raised letter signboard. Generally, these signboards use two or more than two colors in making.
  • Make sure that the letters are big and legitimate for the readers.
  • It should be visible from a decent distance.
  • The business signs should be made up of good quality material to ensure that they can stand for long without getting affected.

So there are a number of choices available to you. It is all up to your decision, budget and requirements or your property’s sign plan. Effective building signs are all about attracting customers. Make the best use of it for your business.