Your relationship with clients doesn’t need to stop after closing on their home. It’s important real estate agents to cultivate long-lasting relationships with each client. This helps you reach more potential clients and could mean a returning customer if and when they choose to move again. We have four key strategies for building and maintaining relationships for realtors.

1. Stay Connected Via Social Media

Technology is your main piece of marketing these days. Almost everyone has a social media account. If they’re involved, they’ll post many things that you can “like” or share. Make sure to comment on their posts at times. This doesn’t mean you’re creating a fake relationship just to win them over in business. You should genuinely care about each of your clients. It’s just the cherry on top to win their business.

When you comment or share their posts, other people will see your name. They might ask this person one day about a great realtor. You’ll be at the top of their mind ready to give a referral for you. It’s also easy to check in on them on social media. You can send them a quick message to see how everything is going in their new home.

You don’t need to be pushy wondering when they are moving next. Don’t go overboard with this relationship. A social media connection is just one of those places where you can lightly touch others’ lives without being pushy.

2. Invite Them To Client Events

Client events are some of the best places to find new customers as well as connect with former clients. When they come to client events, they get to step into your world. You get a chance to catch up, and they get a fun, free event. They can share their awesome experience with others about when you were their real estate agent.

They’ll share those detailed things they loved about your business model. You may be surprised at some of the things they remember. Client events are perfect because you’re getting “free” publicity by word of mouth instead of boasting about how great you are yourself.

You also get another chance to rain “thank you’s” over your past clients. Remember, they’re the reason you’re in business. There are never enough “thank you’s” in the world for them. Take every chance you can to show your gratitude. Client events give you a way to have a reunion with many former clients at once. They can get together and share their experiences together as well.

Client events are also usually full of fun and fellowship so the stress is taken off of you to dive into the business aspect. You get to have fun with old friends and reconnect without stuffing your business down their throat.

3. Send Direct Mail

We mentioned technology is key to communication, but direct mail is a way to touch clients in a surprising way. Send direct mail postcards to your target clients every time a home you sell gets listed and sold. You can also do this on social media, but it’s that extra touch that reels people in.

Of course, don’t go crazy if you sell multiple homes in a week or anything like that. This is just a touch point where your client is impressed, remembers you and has a nostalgic moment about buying their own home. Direct mail for real estate agents is easily done through places like Wise Pelican.

This is an easy, quick way to get your postcards into the actual hands of your clients. You can choose from different templates, send out high gloss heavy stock postcards and/or even track your postcards so you know when they are delivered.

4. Be A Valuable Source Of Information

Your clients should trust you. You’re the one that showed them 50 houses before they decided on one. You’re the one that went to battle for them to get the best price possible. You’ve seen them in their stressed moments as well as their excited moments.

Since this is a special relationship, you want to be someone they can come to for more information. They may need repairs on their home. You should be able to refer them to your must trusted vendors. They may need landscaping help, a pool person or a cleaning service.

It can be anything big or little. They may come to you needing information about the school system. This is a special part of your ongoing relationship. You can help them feel comfortable in their new environment. It might be five years after you were their realtor, but they know you know the surrounding area. You should be an expert on the area.

As a realtor, you probably know the areas you show like the back of your hand. Over time, you grow to learn the good and bad about many vendors and many businesses. You’re like a living, walking Yelp page for former clients. Use this to your advantage.


Maintaining relationships with former clients will lead to ongoing business and can help you find even more clients. When they’re happy with your business, they’ll tell all their friends to use your services. You also get a friendship with the business relationship so you win in all areas.

Stay updated, don’t lose touch and have fun with your clients. By following these four guidelines above, you’ll make business relationships for life.

By Punit