5 Books That Can Improve Your Casino Gaming Skills

Improve Your Casino Gaming Skills

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Gambling provides one of the best forms of thrills and excitement without playing professional sports. But entering a casino can be daunting, especially if you’re unsure what to do amidst the lights and the sound of one-armed bandits calling out to more optimistic bettors convinced they have a “system” that can make them rich.

More often than not, these systems have flaws. Most times, it’s that moment when you find out someone has hit the jackpot that you want to know their secret. Well, now you can. Several gambling experts have shared their experiences by writing books that can help improve people’s gambling skills and help them win some life-changing cash. Whether you play roulette at your local casino or play online blackjack at mobile casinos, the tips from some of these books can help a punter greatly.

Books That Will Improve Your Gaming Skills

Many writers have shared their immense gambling experiences – their wins and losses, strategies, struggles, and an eventual path to victory. As a beginner or an established punter looking to improve your luck at the casinos, you can learn from these books, implement the content, and hopefully, walk out with more money on your next visit to a casino.

1. Edward O’Thorp – “Beat the Dealer”

The book introduces the reader to blackjack and breaks down the rules in a way that gives the uninitiated the confidence to play the game with confidence. Throughout his book – considered the Blackjack Bible – O’Thorp shares the strategies that have served him well, and the illustrations can help the reader visualize success.

This book isn’t just for the rookies but also for the seasoned players looking for that final nugget of advice to help them beat the bookies. Whether you play at online casinos or physical gaming houses, you will find the book very helpful.

2. Kevin Blackwood – “Casino Gambling for Dummies”

“Casino Gambling for Dummies” enhances the readers to learn how to bet in a casino in an easy to understand way. The author of this helpful guide is Kevin Blackwood, a professional blackjack player. He wrote the book using his knowledge of playing blackjack to narrate how he became a gambling aficionado. Blackwood’s generosity is evident in this book as he wants novice players to succeed just like frequent blackjack players.

The book is full of tips to help beginners negotiate what they can expect to face on their first visit to a casino. At the same time, more experienced players can also benefit from the book by infusing their own techniques with those Blackwood has found success with, including his Hi-Opt Strategy. After reading this book, you should feel comfortable being in a casino. This is the exact feeling the author wants for the readers.

3. John Grochowski – “The Video Poker Answer Book”

Have you ever visited a slot machine where you were faced with a situation where you wanted advice from someone next to you? Well, that’s what John Grochowski’s “The Video Poker Answer Book” is all about.

By reading this, you will know how to handle these situations with confidence. Grochowski, who won $125,000 as a contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” in 2000, is considered one of America’s most knowledgeable gambling experts.

What makes this book exciting is the format in which it is written. Grochowski adapted a question-and-answer style, which allows the readers to find the answer they want much faster than reading the book from cover to cover. The strength of this book lies in Grochowski’s ability to answer any question imaginable in a straight-to-the-point manner.

4. Stanford Wong – “Secrets Of Blackjack”

One of the greatest benefits of “Blackjack Secrets” is the author’s ability to educate the reader to make better choices. The book’s author, Stanford Wong, also gives insight into what it’s like to deal blackjack for a casino where their pay doesn’t depend on how much the player wins or loses.

As card counting is central to Wong’s success, the author shares tips on improving this skill without giving the casino any indication of what you’re doing.

5. Bill Burton – “1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets”

This book aims to help gamers in all areas of the experience spectrum. Unlike the other books highlighted in this article, Burton’s book covers all of the games that can be played at your local casino.

He advises players on what they should stay away from and why. This book also explains the best and worst wagers that anyone can make within the walls of a casino, as well as the trading tricks from card counting to dice setting.

Burton has spent years studying what happens in a casino, but it will take you a few days to read the book and get a glimpse of all these tips and strategies and use them to your advantage.


Reading casino strategy books is still a beneficial way to spend your time and money. An excellent casino book would make you far more money than it costs. While you should still learn from past mistakes and other methods, reading is one of the finest ways to improve your skills and prepare you for better outcomes at the casinos.