10 Best Body Parts of Women To Get A Tattoo

Body Part To Get A Tattoo

A woman can choose any part of their body or any design to get body art and I can bet it will look beautiful. Still, there are some undeniably cool spots that a woman can choose for enhancing their look even more. Continue reading about the 10 most attractive female body parts for getting body art.

1. Wrist Area

Wrist Area tattoo

This is a great spot for women’s bodies where you can get body art. The spot is ideal for those who belong to the music industry. However, love tattoos also look good here so couples can try this out. You can try here “love quotes”, “life quotes”, “heart shape”, “mythical love creatures” etc. Even renowned American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey has an amazing ink on her wrist.

2. Around The Spine Area:

Around The Spine Area tattoo

This is a sophisticated and sensual place where women can get body art. Due to the big area around the spine, you can choose a big design for here. Colorful designs look good here. But it is also important to understand that getting ink done around the spinal is really painful. However, Bangkok is one of the popular cities in the world that is known for tattooing. You can get it done from the best tattoo shop in Bangkok.

3. Whole Arm:

Whole Arm tattoo

This part of the body is one of the most attractive spots of the feminine body for getting ink. And the best part is, based on the choice of your uppers clothes you can decide whether you want to show it or hide. Traditional, neo-traditional, realism, or tribal, any type of design looks good here. You can also try here plain typography for enhancing your look. Regardless of their age, anyone can choose this part of their body.

4. Collarbone Area:

Collarbone Area tattoo

This an amazing body part that women can choose to get body art. Even popular songwriter and singer Robyn Rihanna have multiple tattoos around her collarbone. Women can try typography here. Roman and serif fonts look amazing here.

5. Back Of The Shoulder:

Back Of The Shoulder tattoo

This is another cool place of the body that women can choose for getting body art. The best part of having ink here, it will not hurt you much like the other parts of your body. Based on the type of your personality you can try here either cute or repulsive design. Let it be a small bird or skull, if you have the personality to carry it, any design will look good here.

6. Upper thighs

upper thigh tattoo

When choosing the most effective places to get tattoos, you’ll consider adorable places like your upper thighs. Similarly, the upper thighs tend to be protected against the sun rays, so if you would like ink that’ll stand the test of time, this might be your best option. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to cover your tattoo under clothes all the time or worry 24/7 about how they could look in 10-15years. All you’ve got to try and do once you do conceive to show them off is to use a liberal amount of sunscreen to stay your skin safe and you’ll be good to travel.

7. Ankle

Ankle tattoo

If you’re trying to find a tiny low tattoo that’s hard to note but could look beautiful during the summer months and loose clothing, an ankle tattoo could be a perfect pick. However, it’s aloof from the smallest amount of painful tattoos that you just can potentially get. One of the smallest amounts of painful tattoos to urge is the one on the ankle. The ankle is an adorable place to wear tattoos. It reflects the planning beautifully which is kind of eye-catching.

Just make sure that you agree on a design that also resonates well with you. Having a tattoo on your ankle not only has a minor level of pain, but also it’s one of the foremost feminine places to have a beautiful tattoo. We have seen people sport small, intricate designs around their ankles, while others have small stars, plain hearts, and little flowers that look equally as perfect. Hiding your ankle tattoo won’t be so difficult, because it can be easily hidden by wearing high-top shoes!

8. Behind the Ear

Behind the Ear tattoo

Similar to the hand, the pain level for tattoos behind the ears is almost extremely severe. That’s why not many ladies dare to try the tattoo behind the ear, although people who do look quite brave and classy, knowing for a proven fact that areas are often painful. Although you will not be ready to show it off along with your hair down, your up-dos will have an additional ‘oomph to them because of the intricate little tattoo behind your ear. because of only a few nerve endings therein area, it’s also one amongst the smallest amount painful places for a tattoo!

9. Lower Back

Lower Back tattoo

The lower back is another cool place that may be considered for wearing tattoos. If you’re into large pieces of design then the lower back is one of the most effective places to induce tattoos. If you’re looking for a design that emphasizes feminine features then the lower back is the perfect place to get a tattoo. The sweetness of the lower back lies within the undeniable fact that one can easily hide the tattoo when desired. you’ll consider adding customized features to a number of these hidden tattoos for more charisma.

10. Cleavage 

Cleavage Tattoo

Cleavage tattoos are so sweet and eccentric. They take off so stunningly, but can easily be concealed. The cleavage is perhaps one among the simplest places for ladies to induce tattoos! It’s another beautiful place for wearing tattoos. Whether you would like a design that will be easily covered or one that accentuates your features, you’ll be able to consider the cleavage area. A number of the areas that are less exposed to interference are the front area. Areas like the cleavage are great for tattoos that are meant to last longer. The look of cleavage is sort of cute with the patterns enhancing the general outlook.


So these are the 10 best feminine spots that you can choose to have body art.