Best SKI Resorts In Colorado

Anyone who has ever visited the United States of America could vote for himself one interesting feature of this nation – the extreme pedantry in everything related to business: from the donut trade to the construction of aircraft. In almost every industry, the end product is here perfected by the demands of the largest consumer market on the planet, coupled with intense competition. What can we say about such a demanding service sector as ski vacation. Add to that the Nature Corporation’s snow department’s surprisingly biased focus on major US mountain resorts.

The snow here is dry as flour! Those who ride on virgin soil know how important this is. The Americans even came up with a special name for it – powder! It is almost impossible to play snowballs in the mountains – the snow does not stick together.

It is also worth paying attention to the peculiarities of living in the local ski resorts. The most popular form of accommodation is not hotels we are used to, but condominiums or apartments. Most of them have 1-2 to 3-4 bedrooms; a living room with a fireplace (usually gas, but there are also wood-burning ones); a spacious kitchen. The areas of such apartments are large. An important nuance is that the booking of many apartments is not tied to a weekly rate (like Saturday-Saturday in Europe).

They can be removed for both 4-5 and 12-15 days. In almost every complex you will find outdoor pools with the obligatory hot-tube that became so famous after the movie “The Time Machine in the Jacuzzi”, as well as lobby lounges with an indispensable bar by the fireplace and hunting paraphernalia in the form of chandeliers and antler chandeliers.


The old mining town of Aspen, located at an altitude of about above sea level, 220 miles west of Denver, it is considered one of the most popular resorts in the United States. Snowmass 9 miles away. Both settlements and the four ski areas around them – Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass – form the vast Aspen Snowmass ski region, consisting of a total of 350 tracks 318 miles long with a height difference of about 1352 meters. Despite the steady reputation of an expensive and prestigious resort, if you wish, you can relax here on a small budget.

Aspen Mountain is perhaps the only area in the United States where there are no greenslopes. Beginners have nothing to do here, but pros will be happy to appreciate the steep slopes of Mount Ajax. It is believed that the Aspen Highlands region is suitable for skiers of all skill levels, but still the bulk of the trails here are also aimed at those who like difficult descents.

Snowmass is the largest region with the most trails for relaxed skiing. In addition, there are special schools where children are trained, as well as a Fun-park and two regularly operating HalfPipes for snowboarders.

For beginners, lovers of flat skiing, walking and relaxing family holidays. Buttermilk with its gentle and wide slopes, will be the most comfortable place. For snowboarders, the longest park on the planet has been built there with jumps, ramps and other figures of varying degrees of difficulty.

How to get there

It is better to fly to Aspen via New York or Los Angeles. A domestic flight from the Big Apple will take about 5 hours, and from Los Angeles – about two. The cost of a domestic round-trip flight during the hot period of New Year’s holidays is from $ 600. A major number of tourists prefer to travel first to Denver, then by private shuttle to get to Aspen. The road takes about 3 hours depending on weather conditions.

Fans of extreme sports can travel from Los Angeles to Aspen by car (approximately 900 miles and 13 hours on the way).


Vail is the legend among ski lovers: the incendiary atmosphere of winter fairy-tale, stunning landscapes, natural luxury of mountains, of course, attractive to tourists. In winter, the local mountains belong to real virtuosos of virgin lands and elk, of which there are, perhaps, no less than skiers.

According to the Americans themselves, Vail is the best ski resort in the country. At the same time, it cannot be called universal: local routes are like unbroken mustangs. Why? There is unique “light” snow and truly endless opportunities for off-piste skiing. Vail is worthy of spending your winter holidays here without even being a deep snow aficionado.

What there is besides skiing: The proximity of an almost two million metropolis automatically implies an unlimited range of restaurants for every taste and budget. At the resort itself, various SPA are very extensively represented. There is also a full range of standard après-ski entertainment at the guests’ disposal

How to get there

The resort is just 75  miles from Denver. There is no a direct flight from Denver to Vail. Travel time by car is 2 hours. You can get to Vail by taxi or by bus.


In conclusion of the article, it makes sense to answer, perhaps, the most important question, but how much does everything actually cost? It’s logical to assume that a service-oriented country like the United States offers truly limitless opportunities to spend your money.

So, living in a one-bedroom apartment with hotel service in American ski resorts will cost an average of $ 200 per night. The average price of one full ski pass per week is about $ 300-400 (depending on the resort and seasonality). However, each resort offers many options to find the exact ski pass that’s right for you (day, half day, region or time limited). Renting mid-range equipment will cost you about $ 250 per week.

The best way to get to the ski resorts, it’s to find a travel company that provides you Denver airport shuttle service.

By Punit