Everything to Know About the Best Home Theater Systems

Best Home Theater Systems

The surreal experience of watching your favorite sci-fi movie in a surround sound home theater cannot be matched with viewing them on your smartphone. With the technological advancements, there are several types of home theaters, and you can also buy home audio videos for connecting different systems. This article will shed light on home theater systems and how to choose the best one.

Best Home Theater Systems

Components in a home theater system

When we say home theater, it is not just about the speakers. Instead, it has a few needed components that enhance the home theater experience.

1. TV:TV is one of the most important parts to start building your home theater system. Not just any TV, a 4k HDR TV is a must to enjoy the full experience. Smart TVs launched today can easily connect with any device and perform the basic tasks a smartphone can perform.

2. Video source: – This source is responsible for bringing in the signal from your cable or the broadband provider.

3. Home theater receiver: – The home theater receiver is the brains and power of the entire system. They are the main power source that is connected to everything.

4. Speakers: – The most important part of any home theater are speakers. A basic system has a speaker for the center, two right and left speakers for front and rear, Dolby Atmos speakers, and a subwoofer.

How to build your home theater system?

After buying the right equipment, the next step is putting the pieces together.

1. TV or projector: – Most people prefer getting a 4K HDR TV. This particular TV enhances the details and places the user right in the middle of the action. If you can afford an OLED TV, it is even better. Usually, the TVs are placed at the end of the room on a huge wall.

2. Speakers: – There are dozens of combinations of speakers, among which you can choose your ideal speaker combination. It also depends on your budget. A conventional home theater system comes with a 5.1 speaker configuration. In this system, the center speaker is always kept below the TV. The front speakers are typically bigger than the rear speakers. These all are connected with the home theater and the TV.

Different configurations of speakers in a home theater system

You must have seen 5.1, 3.1, 5.1.2 written on the box when searching for a home theater and wondered, what’s all that about? Those are the channels and the number of speakers that come with that particular configuration.

For example, if the configuration is 5.1, then it means that the home theater will have five speakers and that .1 refers to the subwoofers. In this situation, it has one subwoofer.

Now, what about 5.1.2? It simply means the system has five speakers, one subwoofer, and .2 refers to the Dolby Atmos speakers. So, a 5.1.2 has five speakers, one subwoofer, and an additional high-quality 2 Dolby Atmos speakers.

Most people prefer getting a 7.1.2 for a more enhanced experience. However, if the rooms are big, then you need bigger speakers to get the most out of the systems. While choosing to opt for a bigger speaker as the sounds will be more authentic and the quality will be better.

How to find the best home theater system?

Before buying the system, it is crucial to know where you plan to put up the system. For example, is there anyone in your house who has a problem with loud noises? If yes, then you should consider configuring the system in a more private room.

How do you choose the right home theater system for you? Start by doing some research about various brands and their systems. Then, decide a budget for the system and try not to exceed the budget.

If you’re opting for a 5.1.2 or any other speaker with Dolby Atmos speakers, then make sure to choose the ideal location for placing them. They give you a good 3D sound, and to get the most of the effect, ask the store about where you should place the speakers.

The Dolby Atmos speakers are so good that users have turned their heads in the direction opposite of the sound as the sound effects are so clear and precise. Take some recommendations from friends and family about the best brands.

If someone has a system, visit them for a better experience and ask them regarding their equipment. They might even help you with some tips and tricks before buying the system.

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