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Season 9’s Best Guns in Call Of Duty Mobile To Defeat Your Enemies

Call of Duty Mobile is well-known among one of the mobile games which can grow rather competitive, especially in ranked modes. Preparing formidable loadouts with some of the best firearms in Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most critical aspects of securing an in-game triumph.

However, SMG, LMG, Assault Rifles, Sniper, and other weaponry are available in Call of Duty Mobile. As a result, most players struggle to determine which gun is the best in each category. Nonetheless, you’re lucky since we’ll go through some of the best weaponry to know what is the best gun in call of duty mobile in this article.

1.M13 – The Most Effective Assault Rifle

The M13 assault rifle is unquestionably one of the best guns in call of duty mobile. The assault rifle’s initial stats show maximum damage of 24 and an accuracy of 56, which may not appear impressive on paper, but the weapons shine in-game. Furthermore, the M13 exceeds every other pistol in terms of fire rate; as an AR, the gun has an 88 percent fire rate.

We think the M13 outperforms the AK47, DR-H, M16, and any other assault rifle in Season 9, especially recoil. There is no better rifle than the M13 in Season 9, one of the best firearms in COD Mobile, to wipe out an entire squad without missing a lot of your shots.

2. Holger 26 – Light Machine Gun of the Year (LMG)

When it comes to the best gun in call of duty mobile, Holger 26 is, no doubt, at the top of the list. It is one of the best LMG in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 with a damage of 31.

Aside from the enormous damage, the LMG has a 53 accuracy rating, which is quite good compared to other light guns. If you can keep the gun’s recoil under control, the Holger 26 is a true beast. The Holger 26 is the only Light Machine Gun of the Year in COD Mobile, which can be converted into various weapons, including an AR and an SMG, making it one of the greatest firearms in the game.

In Multiplayer, Holger 26’s heavyweight might be a big disadvantage for many. If you want to move faster while carrying the Holger 26, use it with the lightweight perk Double-Stack Carbine Mag, and YKM Light Stock to boost the gun’s mobility.

3. Locus – Best Sniper 

If you enjoy sniping, then Locus is undoubtedly one of the greatest weaponry in COD Mobile Season 9. Furthermore, the sniper rifle works well with the Lightweight Stock and YKM Lightweight Short barrel, providing a significant advantage over other weapons in terms of ADSing speeds and mobility.

Locus outperforms any other Sniper in Call of Duty Mobile in terms of Damage, Accuracy, and Range. On paper, it has a maximum damage rating of 95, which is quite high. However, we discovered that a headshot from Locus might reduce the HP from 150 to 7 without using the body armor. It’s worth noting that the amount of damage varies based on other parameters like distance and precision. Meanwhile, the Locus appears to be one of the greatest firearms in Call of Duty Mobile based on the numbers.

4. MX9 – The Most Powerful Submachine Gun (SMG)

Some may argue that the MX9 is not just the finest close-range gun in Call of Duty Mobile season 9 but also one of the best guns. If you’ve ever tried out the MX9, you’ll know that this SMG can take out your opponents with just a few bullets with the perfect handling. The MX9 easily outclasses most SMGs in COD Mobile because of its high fire rate and great damage for an SMG.

The MX9 SMG is a formidable weapon with a maximum damage of 30, a fire rate of 86, and 45 accuracies, making it one of the greatest guns in COD mobile. In addition, the GKS is the second-best SMG, with a maximum damage of 28 and a target accuracy of 62.

It’s easy to see how MX9 could be overwhelming. MX9, on the other hand, is tough to locate on the battle royale battlefield. As a result, it’s best to include MX9 in your personalized BR loadout, just like MX9.

5. HS0405 – Shotgun of the Year

When it comes to the best gun to use in call of duty mobile, we couldn’t leave out the HS0405, the game’s most lethal shotgun. When it comes to damage, the HS0405 has a damage of 39 per pellet, and the HS0405 shoots 10 pellets per shot, for a total of 390 damage if all 10 pellets strike your target. So, if you utilize this beast at close range, you’ll be able to take out your opponent in a single shot.

Aside from the huge damage, HS0405 has 45 and 74 points of accuracy and mobility, respectively. The KRM 262, with 368 damage, is the one and only shotgun that comes close to HS0405.

6. Best Marksman Rifle: Kilo Bolt-Action

The Kilo bolt-action rifle made its appearance in COD Mobile a while ago, and while there have been a lot of different marksman guns in the game, none have made as much of an impact as the Kilo. The rifle is, without a doubt, one of the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile. It has an 85 damage rating, a 59 accuracy rating, and a 28 fire rate.

When it comes to range, the Kilo scores a whopping 90, indicating that the marksman rifle destroys at great ranges. The gun is excellent in both Battle Royale and Multiplayer, but it is in multiplayer where the Kilo shines the brightest.

Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile’s Best Guns is Coming to an End

So there you have it: what’s the best gun in call of duty mobile. However, you should be aware that there is additional weaponry in Call of Duty Mobile that can compete with the ones listed.

In conclusion, it all comes down to your personal experience with a firearm. You should stick with a rifle with somewhat lower stats than the top pistol in COD Mobile if you’re comfortable with it. 

By Punit