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If you’re a recent graduate looking to get started in journalism or writing, Freelancing might be the right choice for you. Here are some tips for how to find opportunities and also develop your portfolio.

The number of graduates is higher than ever before entering a less competitive job market. With employment opportunities in the fields of the media and arts more scarce than they’ve ever been, graduates are being forced to be more innovative in their methods of earning money and building knowledge in their chosen field.

While for some, freelance work is synonymous with staying in your pyjamas, and feeling happy you’re not tied to the 9-5, it wears off quickly, most often during rent day. For those who have an affinity for writing the word, writing for freelance can be worth it, you can learn more here

Every person’s route to finding freelance work is different for everyone; however, so long as it can lead to funds in the bank, it’s all the same. For those who are just starting out, there are many sites like Freelancer, Elance, or ODesk which allow you to make a bid on jobs. These are excellent to gain experience and build a portfolio while also getting paid for it. Make sure that the employers are verified before becoming caught in a situation that you’ve put in hours of work only for them to disappear.

Newspapers or magazines

If you’re looking for work with newspapers or magazines, Make your pitches short, engaging, sweet, and informative. Even if you’re the fifth time in a row of rejections, make sure you’re courteous and professional. If your thoughts and writing are intriguing and pertinent, and relevant, you’ll eventually receive a response.

Whatever way you choose to go about freelance work, the key to success is perseverance. You’re likely to be rejected a bit, but persevering can be the sole way to make sure that you are noticed. After you’ve gotten your foot on the ground by presenting a great idea, things will get more straightforward, and more work will begin being offered to you. Establishing relationships and maintaining a solid relationship is crucial in any field, but when you’re in charge of getting your work done every day, this becomes even more crucial.


The advantages of working for yourself after graduation are numerous. It’s very satisfying doing what you love and taking on the power to decide your own work hours. Making a living from what you love is extremely rewarding as well as very flexible work. Graduates are typically familiar with working odd hours due to the energy drinks and 24-hour library hours.

If you’re relaxed working in the evening or on weekends, then working for yourself might be the method to take. Based on the amount of work you’re able to complete and how much it varies in the beginning, particularly when just beginning your career, It also opens up possibilities of working part-time at a job that pays more regularly.


It’s not always steady and isn’t always a cash-making venture. Writers who are graduates are known to always work for free as that there are so many willing to take on the task that employers simply don’t want to pay. The idea is usually framed as a “great opportunity”; however, it’s crucial to consider which opportunities offer the most rewarding experience and also what’s a chance for them to receive work done for no cost.

Not making profit

Magazines and websites that aren’t making a profit, however, have a large readership, are generally worth writing for because they’re more likely to provide greater exposure for your work as a blogger or on an online platform. However, every commercial publication of any kind should have professional writers on staff, as they pay their printers, designers, and editors.

Not for self motivated

The freelance market is not for those who aren’t self-motivated. If you aren’t actively looking for work, or spend the day writing emails and composing pitches, then it’s very likely that work will not appear to you. Most freelancers find that Freelancing isn’t a regular source of income initially. If you are stressed about having no steady income, then you should consider considering other options or perhaps another paid job to gain some security.

Graduates shouldn’t be scared of freelance work, especially in the area of writing; it’s an excellent alternative. It can take some time to get started, but the market isn’t as shut as you think. It is important to write consistently, present all your ideas clearly and succinctly to the relevant publications and never give up when you’re knocked down. Rejection can be like drinking water dripping off of the back of a duck, which is very helpful for all aspects of your life. When your work is given the green signal, it will have been worth the effort.

A step-by-step guide to begin your writing career as a freelancer

Are you ready to launch your freelance writing profession? This step-by-step guide will help you in creating that dream.

1. Find out what freelance writers do.

Professional copywriters typically are employed by a variety of clients who require writing in numerous kinds of media. The benefit of working as an independent writer is that you can have the chance to write content for different sectors and take on many different tasks. If you’re bored of working on the same things each day, freelancing writing assignments keep you engaged with new challenges and topics to discover.

Writing jobs for freelancers can include tasks such as:

  • Blogging
  • Copy of the website
  • Social media posts
  • Video scripts
  • Whitepapers
  • Editing
  • Marketing content
  • Press releases

The act of becoming a freelancer means that you can define your professional writing path. You can do the kind of copywriting that you like, discover the type of clients you’d like to work with, and then develop a job that is unique for yourself, which is yours.

2. Develop the skills needed to become a professional writer

You must have the writing skills needed to put sentences, words, and paragraphs in a cohesive way and also know how to saturate on the words with a bit of imagination. However, there’s much more than writing beautiful sentences.

If you are a professional writer, you must be aware of:

  • The basic grammar rules
  • How to conduct research
  • Feedback is incorporated into the system.
  • Brand voice using
  • Making ideas more effective with a small number of words
  • SEO
  • What is plagiarism? And how to prevent it
  • How can you get your clients to answer the correct questions?
  • Style guides for common styles, similar to AP and Chicago

You’re not just learning the art of writing freelancers and also managing an entrepreneur-sized company. If you’ve never taken charge of your financial affairs, you’ll be required to master how to manage your finances.

As with any business owner, it is important to be aware:

  • The writing of a contract
  • Setting aside money to pay taxes
  • Invoicing and bookkeeping
  • Promoting your service and generating new leads

3. Find your freelance writing niche

As a writer who wants to be a part of the community, Start by establishing what you already know.

Perhaps you’re a computer programmer who’s frustrated with programming. Do you want to write blog posts or tutorials about subjects in relation to programming? The tech industry has always had a demand for writers who can translate complex concepts into easy-to-follow tutorials. Being a programmer who is able to write also puts you in a group with a highly specific set of abilities.

Maybe you’ve had many years of experience within the realm of health care. Write about subjects in that field in which you’ve got the knowledge to discuss with. Healthcare is a major business, and if you demonstrate that you have deep expertise and are able to effectively communicate this knowledge, there are a lot of potential clients within the field of healthcare that might require your writing abilities.

Suppose you are aware of whether or not you’re an expert in something. Utilize what you have to write about or submit your work and build your portfolio.

Be authentic

It’s important to be authentic. The readers can tell the author’s own stake in the words they’ve written. This is the difference between clickbait articles from those with meaning. Writing should establish an emotional connection with a person who reads it, and the best method to accomplish this is to be concerned about your subject.

Write about fascinating things

Write about things you find fascinating. This doesn’t mean you should simply stick to what you are familiar with. As you advance in your career, it’s possible to write about topics that are new to various industries as well as discover subjects you love that you’ve previously thought of writing about. You might become an expert in a field you thought impossible.

In determining your writing career, you should consider the following questions:

  • What is it that you are most excited about?
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • Also, What do you know you’d like to impart to other people?
  • What subjects would you like to read for hours?

Spend some time giving all of these questions a considerable amount of consideration. Allow your feelings to determine your decision to become the kind of writer you’d like to be.

By Punit